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Study: Cardinals are Among Top-Voted Franchises That Should be Relocated

According to a study, the Arizona Cardinals are one of the top teams in the NFL that fans feel should be relocated.

Opinions are like podcasts, right? Everyone has one. 

Some are right, while most others are . . . interesting, to say the least. 

That still rings true after BetUS recently conducted a poll of 1,000 fans to measure varying questions, which ranged from what cities deserve a new NBA team (interesting enough, Austin and Honolulu were the top two) to whether or not they would support a hometown team if they relocated. 

According to the study, 43% of fans said they would root against their former team if they relocated. 

Fans of the Arizona Cardinals won't be able to test that question out anytime soon, although on a national level, the organization is one of the top teams chosen to relocate. 

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The Cardinals were the second-highest voted team in the study that asked fans what teams should relocate, with 24% of voters choosing the Cardinals. Strangely, 20% said the Ravens and Bears should relocate. 

Arizona, the only NFC West team listed on the graphic above, trailed the Buffalo Bills by only one percent in the vote. 

While there's talk of the Bills potentially relocating after their current stadium deal expires on July 31, 2023, the Cardinals are an extreme longshot to find a new town, especially after already moving from Chicago and St. Louis. 

Fans across the country don't feel that way, however. Would Kyler Murray perform better under pressure in Alaska? We're not quite sure.

Other notable facts from the study:

  • Austin is the city deemed most worthy of an NFL team by fans (22%)
  • Birmingham and Louisville rank as the second and third most worthy cities of an NFL team by fans, respectively
  • 43% of NFL fans would root for their former local team to lose if they relocated
  • Nearly one-third of fans feel the Raiders lost their identity after relocating to Las Vegas, followed by the Rams (27% of fans)