Top 10 QBs heading into the 2019 season

Tyler Jaggi

With things being very slow (news wise) during the month of July, I'm going to be breakdown the my top players at each position for the next several days. We'll start with the most important position first... Quarterbacks. 

Now these rankings are based on what I've seen in the past and expecting for this coming season. 

Top 10 QBs
1. Aaron Rodgers - Rodgers has been a master at making the impossible happen. One of the best arms ever and can dissect an opposing defense with ease. 

2. Patrick Mahomes - Mahomes took the league by storm last year with this huge arm and the help of the Andy Reid system and the speed of Tyreek Hill. He should only improve as a passer in 2019. 

3. Russell Wilson
- Wilson is so good at limiting the mistakes. He puts his team in the perfect position to win games with great decision making. Also helps that he can overcome poor offensive line play with is mobility. 

4. Andrew Luck - Andrew Luck was the NFL's comeback player of the year for good reason. After returning from shoulder surgery, he started the season off slow but down the stretch, he was on fire. Luck has a decent arm strength, good mobility, great accuracy and decision making.

5. Tom Brady - GOAT. What else do you need to say about Brady. Lengendary leadership, accuracy and decision making. Brady will be turning 42 in August. Will he still perform like a top 5 QB in 2019? 

6. Drew Brees - Brees has always been a favorite of mine. Never gets the credit of the Manning and Brady discussion but has had a phenomenal career. Like Brady and Manning, Brees brings great leadership, energy, accuracy and decision making to the team that has lead them to the SB in the past. I felt the Saints were the best team each of the last 2 seasons. Maybe 2019 might be their year after the horrendous no call pass interference that robbed them from an appearance in the Super Bowl. 

7. Matt Ryan - Matt Ryan has been a staple for the Falcons since the 2008 season. Leading them to a SB in which they should have easily won. Since then, Ryan has still be great,  making playoff appearances a regular for Atlanta. He has all the tools you look for in a franchise QB.  

8. Ben Roethlisberger - Big Ben has improved so much since the beginning of his career when we was mostly a bus driver just asked to not turn the ball over while Steelers #1 defense took them to several Super Bowls. Since then Ben has improved as a passer, leading the league in passing yards last season with over 5100 yards. Ben's accuracy has improved and he still is able to buy time, make a tackler miss and heave the ball downfield to an open target. Ben is one of the last remaining pieces of the Steelers old Superbowl team and now asked to carry these new players to the playoffs. 

9. Baker Mayfield - Baker Mayfield has the confidence and leadership to improve the players around him. He has a better than talked about arm with good accuracy. He showed during the second half of the season just how good he might be. Browns added Odell Beckham this off-season will only help Mayfield improve. 

10. Deshaun Watson - Watson, when healthy, is a defensive coordinator nightmare. He kind of like a "poor-man's" Pat Mahomes. He has a big arm and tendency to make a big play either through the air on with his feet. Watson has put up good numbers when he plays and improves Houston's offense tremendously when playing.  

Just missed the cut: 11. Carson Wentz 12. Philip Rivers 13. Kyler Murray 14. Cam Newton 15. Kirk Cousins

Kyler Murray is a name to watch. If he performs like myself and many others think he can play he could shoot up into the Top 10 QBs next year. Last year's QBs, Sam Darnold and Josh Allen are also looking to take a big leap forward. 

What do you think of my Top 10 QBs? Where would you have Murray ranked? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to follow me on Twitter @TylerJaggi

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Brees should be higher

Tommy Jaggi
Tommy Jaggi

Not bad. I'd have Brady higher on my list.