Wilks - 'It’s My Responsibility To Make The Best Decision’

Sports Xchange

Head coach Steve Wilks meets with the media on Monday to discuss multiple roster moves after dissecting the film from the loss to the Chargers on Sunday.

“I’m not really in the business of trying to send messages or trying to be subliminal in any way,” coach Wilks said. “I’m very direct in my approach and the things I say. If you’re not doing it our way, if you’re not giving us the best opportunities to win football games, number one, you won’t be on the field and if it gets to that point, we’ll move on. That’s what we did.”

“I’m not an effort coach,” Wilks said. “If we’re coaching effort, we’re in trouble. … Watching the tape, you can see those guys still working hard. I’m not concerned about the effort.”

“Right now, at 2-9, you’ve got to try and do everything you can to try and win a football game,” Wilks said, “but also look toward the future.”