Will the Cardinals sign Michael Crabtree?

Tyler Jaggi

Last night a report came out that the Arizona Cardinals signed veteran WR Michael Crabtree to a contract according to Pro Football Talk. Will both sides agree to sign?

Except, according to both national and local reporters, the Arizona Cardinals have not signed Michael Crabtree to a contract.


Looks like the Arizona Cardinals did have a couple of wide receivers in for workouts, including Michael Crabtree, but have not officially signed anyone at this point.

Crabtree was released by the Raiders and Ravens in consecutive offseasons, and receivers do tend to fall off rapidly, especially those who never had burning speed to start with.  Crabtree’s numbers continued to stagnate in 2018, as the veteran finished with less than 60 catches and 620 yards for the second consecutive season. 

The Cardinals and Crabtree could actually still sign a contract, if they can agree to terms. Although they do already have a list of WRs on the current roster, Kingsbury's scheme will require 7 or 8 on the active roster, so Crabtree could be a decent depth player that could find a role with the team. 

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Tyler Jaggi
Tyler Jaggi


Do you want the Cardinals to sign Michael Crabtree?