Winners & Losers of Cardinals First Preseason Game

Tyler Jaggi

After each game , I tend to look at the "Winners & Losers" of the game to see how stood out in a good way and who might need to practice on a few things before the following week. 


QB Kyler Murray - Murray couldn't have came into the game with less room to work with,as the Cardinals started on their own 2 yard line. Murray was accurate and poise in his only series of the game. He completed 6 of 7 passes for 44 yards. 

"I thought it was smooth. I was anxious to get out there, move around and throw it a little bit," Murray said. "I really just tried to execute whatever Coach called, and I think we did that for the most part." 

"A lot of it is just instinctual," Murray said. "Leverage, a lot goes into it, but it's all in the head. I've done it for my whole life, so I can't really break it down to you right now, but I'd say it's instinctual."

WR Trent Sherfield - Wide Receiver Trent Sherfield had the catch of the evening. He caught a beautiful over the shoulder TD grab while tip-toeing near the boundary. (See highlight below).  Sherfield ended the night with 4 catches for 44 yards and the TD. 

LB Jordan Hicks - Hicks on the very 1st drive showed the Cardinals why paying someone of his talent can do to change the game. Jordan was able to force a turnover within yards of the goal line as the Cardinals stopped the Chargers in the redzone and set up Murray for his opening drive. 

S Tyler Sigler - Tyler Sigler had a great INT and return to set Cardinals up on offense. Plays like this change the game. This play had to impress the coaches and improve his chances of making this squad. 

Tyler Sigler with INT


Cardinals 1st quarter defense - Cardinals D during the first two drives got gashed. They game up a drive to the 2 yard line before getting the fumble recovery by Jordan Hicks. In the 2nd drive, the Cardinals let the Chargers walk right down for the touchdown. I blame a bunch of this being the 1st time these players have really tackled live. They were able to settle down in the 2nd half and look much better even tho those were the 2nd and 3rd string units. 

 Cardinal offensive tackles - Although they only gave up 2 sacks. They Cardinals tackles were causing unwanted pressure near the quarterbacks for most of the night. We knew they could be a problem heading into the season but this offense will only go as far as this OLine will allow them. They'll need to improve before week 1. 

RB Chase Edmonds -  Edmonds didn't do anything horrible this game, but his 2 carries for 4 yards were very lackluster. After all the hype about him looking better in camp, I was expecting much more from him or even 1 splash play but nothing was shown in this first preseason game. 

Were you glad to finally watch football again? Which players stood out to you? Let me know in the comments below and make sure to follow me on Twitter @TylerJaggi 

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Jared Martin
Jared Martin

Kyler looked smooth last night. A lot more accurate than I expected him to be in his first real action.

Tommy Jaggi
Tommy Jaggi

I think Jordan Hicks can be a huge signing. Also, Kyler is the real deal. Cardinals made the right move with the first pick.