With Redskins Name Change Possible, Should Cardinals Consider Same?

Mason Kern

In the volatile landscape America finds itself in amidst the racial protests that have arisen since the alleged murder of Black Minnesotan George Floyd, there has been an increase in "cancel culture" that aims to address the problems in modern society.

From tearing down statues of former slave owners — commemorated for their efforts elsewhere — to demanding a change to the reference of a home's main suite as the "master" bedroom, the U.S. will likely operate in a different way moving forward.

These changes are whole-heartedly inclusive and have extended to the professional sports realm as well. In the NFL, the Washington Redskins — a name chosen upon the organization's move from Boston in 1933 to reportedly honor Native Americans in general, as well as the head coach and four players at that time who were of Native American descent — are exploring the possibility of changing their name amid public dismay. The Cleveland Indians of the MLB are also having ongoing internal discussions about the same.

But what about the Arizona Cardinals? Are they due for a name change?

According to The Big Lead, the answer is yes. Yet, it is for an entirely different reason.

The Cardinals are one of 25 professional sports franchises with the "weakest, most pathetic names." Writers Kyle Koster and Stephen Douglas lumped four franchises (three MLB and one NFL) named after birds together as "disgraces" that should "reconsider the message they are sending."

"Oh, what a bunch of pretty birdies!" Koster and Douglas wrote. "They're all so harmless you literally put food in your yard to attract them. You ever see any of these birds flying majestically over the ocean holding a shark in its feet? That's right. These weak [butt] birds have feet because their toes aren't worthy of being called talons."

Other NFL teams included were the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphins.

We will surmise that the writers were having their own brand of fun with this  subject and readers take it with the proverbial grain of salt.

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The Arizona Monsoon


Maybe they'd have better Super Bowl luck with a new name. Maybe a more unique to Arizona name.


As an AZ fan, have always advocated for a name change when they moved to the desert from St. Louis.... As you might imagine there are a lot of traditionalist or conservatives who would prefer to honor the historical legend, but what was that???
This CHANGE is way over due! And it is time for the organization to Honor and Recognize the community it represents...!!! Please get this done Mr. Bidwill.