Cardinals GM Keim on Murray Playing Pro Football and Baseball: 'Hell No'

Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim on allowing quarterback Kyler Murray to play pro football and baseball: “Hell no.”
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“Hell no.”

In the wake of quarterback Kyler Murray’s musings about playing both pro football and baseball somewhere down the road, Cardinals general manager Steve Keim made his feelings as clear as sunshine in Arizona during a recent appearance on Arizona Sports Station 98.7 FM.

When asked point blank whether he would ever allow Murray to play both sports, Keim succinctly responded, “Hell no.”

After some laughs from the hosts, including the team’s radio analyst Ron Wolfley, Keim said, “No, listen, I have a lot of confidence in the fact that Kyler is going to continue to concentrate on football and he's a guy that when you talk to him about this game, he is a football junkie. He has texted me a number of times about different prospects, whether it's free agents or college players, and again that's what excites me about certain guys in our locker room when they're that vested in the team that they want to see certain players from different teams or colleges join our organization.”

The discussion turned to a tweet sent last month by Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy, who noted the importance of winning in the trenches and then mentioned some of the offensive and defensive linemen in the Senior Bowl that NFL teams could build around. Notable was that Murray retweeted it.

Keim was then asked if he considers that an endorsement from Murray and a request for offensive linemen.

Keim said, “He hasn't said that to me directly, but I guess that's a subliminal, huh?”

After chuckling, Keim added, “Like I said, I love when our players have input because it means they care. So I will always pay attention to those sorts of things and do what's right in my opinion for the organization.”