Chargers RB Melvin Gordon: 'You Fumble Once, It's Like You Fumbled 3 Times'

Jason B. Hirschhorn

CARSON, Calif. -- The Los Angeles Chargers have lost by wide margins in 2019, but perhaps no game felt as one-sided as Sunday's 39-10 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. The Chargers' seven turnovers played the biggest role in deciding the contest, a total that included two fumbles by starting running back Melvin Gordon.

"Details and mistakes," Gordon says. "Six turnovers, you're not going to win no game in the NFL, or seven or however many we had. Two by me. You play sloppy ball like that, especially at a time like this when every game matters -- especially to them and us -- you're just going to take an L."

After a slow start to the year, Gordon made strides over the Chargers' previous five games, rushing 88 times for 411 yards (4.7 yards per carry) and four touchdowns. The fifth-year back had begun breaking tackles regularly again, something the coaching staff had pointed to when Gordon first returned from his contract holdout at the end of September.

However, that version of Gordon didn't appear Sunday. In one sequence during the first half, he went down on first contact on back-to-back carries, a once-unthinkable result for the former Pro Bowl player. Shortcomings like those as well as Gordon's two lost fumbles contributed to head coach Anthony Lynn sitting the running back for most of the third quarter.

"It sucks, man," Gordon says. "You already got a losing record and you're playing for nothing but you're playing for something. You're playing for the boys and the guys around you. You go out there and make a mistake. At this point in time, everything's under a microscope. You fumble once, it's like you fumbled three times. You throw an interception, it's like you threw two interceptions. Everything is worse."

-- Jason B. Hirschhorn is an award-winning sports journalist and Pro Football Writers of America member. Follow him on Twitter: @by_JBH

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That was a terrible game. So frustrating to watch. This was the Chargers season summed up into one disappointing game.

No. 1-3

Still holding to 5 win season; they will lose out. It hurts being a charger fan but frankly they have never had the toughness to actually win.

Johnny Football
Johnny Football

7 turnovers in a game is outrageous. The only team that is worse at turning the ball over is the Bucs. Not much the defense can do to save this team at this point

Game Day