Four Chargers Offensive Players Were Crucial to Sunday’s Victory

Fernando Ramirez

The Chargers (2-4) finally got the much-needed victory on Sunday. It wasn't easy. The offense had numerous players step up and show out.

Head coach Anthony Lynn said that he wanted players to step up for the past few weeks, and they did.

Rookie receiver Joe Reed started things off on Sunday. On the third offensive drive of the game, the Chargers offense went down the field to the seven-yard line where Reed took the sweep from fellow rookie Justin Herbert and turned upfield for the seven-yard touchdown. His first career touchdown.

"BOSS sweep and for that just trust in the play call," explained Reed. "Trusting that Hunter Henry would lead up for me, he did exactly that. So, you know, breaking the huddle I told myself, 'whatever it took, I had to get in,' and just trust the block in front of me."

Reed was an interesting topic coming into Sunday's game. He had been a very explosive kickoff returner in the first three games of the season. Then he was a healthy inactive for the next two. Lynn said during the week he was a luxury, and he wanted him back on the field.

"Yeah, definitely frustrating," said Reed. "But you know, having a positive outlook on it having more mental reps and taking those two weeks to learn more from the guys who were playing. So, it's definitely frustrating. There's still a blessing to be out there and being able to learn on the fly."

On the next offensive drive, Herbert drove the team to the Jacksonville 22-yard line. He was able to find 6'7 tight end Donald Parham Jr. for the touchdown. It was a very nice throw by the rookie quarterback.

"They called my number," said Parham. "I made the play that I had to, so it feels really good."

Parham's stat sheet now reads two catches for 41 yards and touchdowns. He is the first Chargers player since receiver John Jefferson to have their first two NFL receptions be touchdowns. Parham is a miss-match for any defense. He said he wants to continue being ready for when his number is called and has learned a lot from his fellow tight ends.

"I'm always watching them and making sure that I'm taking the right notes and trying to mimic some of the things that they do well," said Parham. "As well as keep in my game, so definitely look up to those guys."

Another fellow tight end stepped up. The Chargers offense had stalled a few times until Herbert took them to the 26-yard line. He threw up a pass for Virgil Green, who caught the 26-yard touchdown. Green is known as a blocking tight end but stepped up when the team needed him. He came down, awkwardly on his ankle, and didn't return.

The Jaguars answered back and took the lead for the first time in the game.

Herbert answered back two plays later when he threw it up to receiver Jalen Guyton for the 70-yard touchdown. Guyton has been a player whose one catch comes up big for the Chargers, and it is usually for a significant gain.

"It's huge to have guys like Hunter (Henry) Keenan (Allen), Mike (Williams), they changed the game for us," said Herbert. "When they get doubled, or they're bracketing them, you need those guys to step up. Jalen Guyton, Tyron Johnson, and Joe Reed stepped up big time, and I'm just really happy for those guys."

All four players stepped up big for the Bolts on Sunday. They face the Denver Broncos next Sunday, but for now, they will enjoy the victory.

"It feels tremendous, I think, obviously, we really needed that one," said Guyton. "And feel good to have it. It felt good to just be in the game. Just relearning, or you learn how to finish out the game. Finish with the ball, that kind of stuff. Winning in the league is hard. So, to be able to close out these wins like this after, like you said, the last couple weeks has been important. There's been big and also just moving forward and growing."

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