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Fantasy football is a massive industry. So, when a player of Melvin Gordon's profile threatens to hold out well into the regular season, a LOT of money is at stake - money that makes the reported $3 million that divides the Chargers and Gordon look like spare change between the couch cushions.

One of the hot questions fantasy football owners have is regarding the appropriate time to draft Melvin Gordon. I personally would not draft him until round 4 or later. A Twitter user, who was in the middle of his fantasy football draft, had this question and made it known on Twitter. This prompted a reply from Melvin Gordon himself.

Melvin Gordon replied in the tweet that he was "offended" that this guy would even consider not drafting him in the sixth round of his draft.

This could just be a playful interaction with a fan, but it made me think that perhaps Gordon is indicating that it's safe to draft him in your fantasy football league. Perhaps he's saying that this holdout will end sooner than many, including myself, think it will. It's not a lot, but it's something.

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