Breakdown and Prediction of Saturday’s Divisional Playoff Games

Two teams will be moving on to their respective Championship game on Saturday.
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The NFL is four games away from Championship weekend. There will be a lot of very good matchups this weekend in the divisional round of the playoffs.

Full breakdown for all of Saturday’s action and prediction:

L.A. Rams vs. Green Bay Packers

Key to the game for the Rams: The Rams on offense need to pound the football all game long. Last week, they ran the ball with Cam Akers to tire out the defense and succeeded. They must do that on Saturday, but they could mix and match running backs not to tire the rookie back. The Packers are giving up 112.8 rushing yards a game, and the Rams don’t want the ball in Jared Goff’s hands. On defense, they need to get pressure on Aaron Rodgers. Left tackle David Bakhtiari suffered an ACL tear, so expect the Rams to throw numerous blitzes. The Rams should also let cornerback Jalen Ramsey be receiver Davante Adams’ shadow.

Key to the game for the Packers: The Packers need to count on other receivers not named Davante Adams. Numerous times this season, Rodgers will throw passes to different receivers, and they drop it. The offense needs the other receivers to step up because Adams will have a tough day if shadowed by Ramsey. On defense, the Packers need to stop the run and let Goff try to beat them. It is going to be cold in Green Bay, and Goff is no stranger to making mistakes. So, the Packers need to take advantage and disrupt the Rams quarterback from the get-go.

X-Factor: Aaron Donald. If the defensive tackle can create pressure, it may be a long day for Aaron Rodgers.

Prediction: Packers 24 Rams 21

Baltimore Ravens vs. Buffalo Bills

Key to the game for the Ravens: Let Lamar do what Lamar does. Last week against the Titans, Lamar Jackson led his team to victory in a tough game. Saturday’s game will be a lot tougher. Buffalo has a good all-around team that can match you points for points. The offense will try to run the ball with Jackson, Gus Edwards, and JK Dobbins. On defense, Baltimore had a great defensive plan last week against the Titans. Expect them to try to get after Josh Allen and make Buffalo’s offense on dimensional.

Key to the game for the Bills: It maybe be a tough ask, but the Bills need to try and run the football. Their offense at times is one dimensional, and they need to change that to keep the defense guessing. This will be the toughest matchup yet for Buffalo, but with Josh Allen, at quarterback, they are in any game. On defense, the Bills need to try to make Jackson one dimensional. Their defense will need to be very disciplined on Saturday because the Ravens run a lot of RPO, and last week that confused the Titans defense a lot. Buffalo will need to try to make Jackson throw the football.

X-Factor: Marcus Peters. It seems like Marcus Peters makes a big play or a play that hurts his team. This should be interesting.

Prediction: Bills 31 Ravens 27