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Chargers Allen vs. Raiders Hayward Matchup Will Decide the Game on Monday

Three matchups will decide the game on Monday.

The Chargers (2-1) are facing the Las Vegas Raiders (3-0) in what will determine the leader of the AFC West. It will be a tough matchup for both teams because of how much talent is on each side.

There will be some matchups that will determine the game for the Chargers. There are two on defense and one on offense. In crucial situations, you look at your best players, and all three are some of the best players on the Chargers roster.

Here are the key matchups that will determine the game:

1. Joey Bosa vs. Alex Leatherwood

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Bosa likes playing the Raiders. It was the team he started his NFL career against and got two sacks in that game. In total, he has played seven games against the Raiders and sacked the opposing quarterback six times. He will be facing rookie right tackle Alex Leatherwood, who was drafted this year in the middle of the first round, which many draft experts believed was too high. Leatherwood has struggled so far this season, and Bosa could take advantage of it on Monday.

2. Keenan Allen vs. Casey Hayward

This is going to be an interesting matchup. These guys have battled from 2016-2020 in training camp and during practices. Both were at the top of their positional groups in the NFL, and now they face off in a regular season game. Hayward has started off the season healthy and looking like his old self. Allen has two 100-yard games to start the season and has been the third or fourth down security blanket for Justin Herbert. The Chargers will need Allen in the short and intermediate routes because the Raiders pass rush has been getting to the quarterback consistently.

3. Derwin James vs. Darren Waller

The Chargers are presented with facing yet another great tight end in the league this time, it is the Raiders Darren Waller. He is big as a tight end but makes grabs like a receiver. Waller is a dangerous weapon that has developed in the last few seasons. He had over 100 yards in the first game of the season against Baltimore. James has been the best defensive back on the Chargers and is coming off a strong game against Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Staley may throw different defenders at Waller but expect James to be on him often.