Chargers Announce a Player Is COVID-19 Positive

This is the team's first positive case this season.
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The Chargers announced on Thursday morning that a player on their team had tested positive for COVID-19.

According to a press release they sent out, the player was notified immediately, and they began to self-quarantine. They also notified the players who had been close to the individual. Those players will remain home today and will have virtual meetings.

The Chargers will still practice, and Hoag Performance Center is open. The team said that all of their meetings will be held virtual.

“We continue to operate in close consultation with the NFL, as well as our team of independent doctors and specialists, and will follow their guidance,” the Chargers said in a press release.

This is the Chargers first positive case this season. The team has said all season they are playing against their opponent and this pandemic.

“As has been the case since day one of this pandemic, the health and safety of our players, staff and community continue to be our highest priority,” it said in the press release.

They are scheduled to face the Denver Broncos on Sunday. As of right now, the status of the game hasn’t come into question.

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