Chargers Anthony Lynn Cancels Practice After Player Tests Positive for COVID-19

This is the first positive COVID-19 the Chargers have had this season.
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On Thursday morning, the Chargers got the news that a player had tested positive for COVID-19. They sent out a press release saying that they had contacted the player and also the players who had been in contact with him. According to the Chargers, they placed guard Ryan Groy on reserve/COVID-19 list on Thursday.

Head coach Anthony Lynn decided to cancel Thursday's practice all together.

"We feel like we have contained," explained Lynn. "So, like I said, we'll get another round of testing back tonight. And we'll know more, but as of right now, I just want to make sure that we keep it contained in that and give the players a little more peace of mind."

The players still had their meetings, but they were all virtual.

Lynn said that the players will come back tomorrow for practice. It may be a little more of a Thursday practice than a Friday because they missed today's practice. Lynn said a couple of players came into the facility, and he sent them home.

What is the status of Sunday's game? Lynn said he had heard no news on changing the date.

"I just play where they tell me to play and try to get the team ready to go," Lynn said. "Hopefully, we can play the game on Sunday, and things can go as normal. But if not, we'll make that adjustment."

The Chargers play their division rival Denver Broncos on Sunday.

Lynn, along with the Chargers organization, has said numerous times that teams will need to adjust in 2020 and to embrace the madness. This is the team's first positive COVID-19 player this season.

"It disrupts our routine," explained Lynn. "This year has been that way. So, this is not the first time our routine has been interrupted. So, I'm sure these guys will respond and bounce back just fine."