Chargers Anthony Lynn Makes Some Coaching Staff Changes

The Chargers head coach decided to make some changes to his coaching staff after recent struggled.

The Chargers decided to make some coaching changes on Wednesday morning. They reassigned special teams coach George Stewart to be a senior analyst while Keith Burns and Chris Caminiti will take over special teams duties.

"We couldn't keep going to where we were going," explained Lynn. "So, I decided to make that change, and we'll see what happens. I think it was for the best. Stu and I both agreed to go to do this, so this was what I thought was best for the team, or I wouldn't have done it."

Lynn is right. This move needed to be made. Maybe even earlier.

This season the special team's unit has cost them numerous points. It has cost them games.

This season, kicker Michael Badgley has missed five field goals and two extra points. One of the misses was a potential game-winner against the New Orleans Saints in week five.

That wasn't the only problem.

The Chargers have had three blocked punts as well. All three lead to touchdowns by the opposing team. That is 21 points along with the 17 Badgley added with his misses.

That is the difference between wins and losses.

"It is something I thought long and hard about before I did it," said Lynn. "We just made the decision to do it this morning. So, it was something I put a lot of thought into it."

This was a hard move for Lynn. Stewart is his mentor. He played under Stewart in 1995-1996 when he was a running back for the San Francisco 49ers.

"You're talking about a confidant," Lynn said. "You are talking about a guy that taught me a lot about the game, especially in the special teams area. A guy that has always had my back. So, it was it was extremely hard to do it."

Burns has been a special teams assistant with the Bolts for three seasons. Before that, he was with the Washington Football team as a special teams coordinator. He also played 13 years in the league. Caminiti was with UCLA as an Associate Athletic Director.

What does he think they can add?

"A new voice, different philosophy," said Lynn. "We're all working together, but we're all individuals. Keith and Chris may bring something different to the table. I'm a former special teams coordinator, I may bring something different to the table. We just feel like we need to change there, and we want to finish the season out the right way. We'll see what happens."

If they are all putting their spoons into the special teams soup, they have a lot of work to do because it wasn't just the missed field goals and blocked punts.

The team is also 28th in punt returns, 30th in punt coverage, 31st in kick coverage, and 16th in kick returns.

Lynn tried to change it up last weekend, adding linebackers Cole Christiansen and B.J. Bello to special teams. It will be interesting to see what other changes they make going into Buffalo this Sunday.

"It's never one person's fault," Lynn explained. "As coaches, this is what we sign up for. We sign up to work with these young men. If they don't execute the way we need them to execute, then we lose our jobs. That's just the way it is."