Chargers Anthony Lynn wants to limit turnovers and score touchdowns against KC

Fernando Ramirez

The Chargers have had a tough time recently when they have faced the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bolts are 1-11 in the last 12 games they have met their divisional rivals. Since head coach Anthony Lynn took over, the team is 1-5 against KC.

What is the best way for them to attack the Chiefs?

"We just want to play fast, you know, if we can play fast and not overthink this thing," said Lynn. "Then we feel like we have a better chance you know, we need to generate some turnovers if possible, you know, in the last six matchups I mean I think it's 17 to two that is ridiculous offense has give it away three a game and we've only taken away twice you know you just not going to beat this team that way, so that's been our primary focus."

That is something that Lynn has stressed is taking care of the football. In the games since Lynn has been the coach, the quarterback at the time, Philip Rivers, threw 14 interceptions. That is not what Lynn wants. That is why quarterback Tyrod Taylor is starting because he takes care of the ball.

Now the offense struggled in the first week of the season against the Cincinnati Bengals. They only scored 16 points, but they accomplished something Lynn likes, which is balance. The team was able to run the ball 39 times and pass the ball 30 times, but they only reached the end zone once.

"Just execute," said Taylor. "Missed a couple of opportunities down there. Could have been better on the fade ball to Mike (Williams). As well as the series before, we could have been better as well, too, but just execution across the board and something we have to practice and put our focus on this week like I said, carry over to the game."

Taylor acknowledged that he needs to be better against the Chiefs. They will need to score more than 16 points to have a chance to keep up with their opponent. This week is about scoring touchdowns, not field goals.

The offense knows they need to be better this weekend. They are playing a Kansas City offense that has a Bugatti for an engine.

"Be very sharp in the fundamentals, of course," said Taylor. "Like coach said, put the ball in the end zone. Capitalize on every drive but, at the same time, continue to keep the chains moving that's big. I gotta be better on 3rd down than we were last week. Then we have to execute better in the red zone, and if it's a shootout, then it is one, but at the same time, you know that this team can score as well. I have tremendous faith in our defense and just our plan moving forward against the Chiefs and looking forward to exciting game this week."

Now the offense knows who is on the other side of the ball. Pro bowl safety Tyrann Mathieu is a ball hawk and can wreak havoc at any time. Taylor knows that he has to keep his eye on the safety at all times.

"He is a baller straight up he's all over the field he does a good job in this game of making plays," said Taylor. "He's definitely a difference-maker on their team, and every time you break the huddle, you definitely gotta check to see where he's at. Well, the defense is definitely designed to let him be a freelancer at times and allowed him to create the plays that he's made over his career, and he's done a great job with it."

The Bolts will have to be more efficient on offense when it comes to taking chances. Last weekend, the offense was aggressive and decided to go for it on fourth down twice, but both conversions failed. Taylor had the ball in his hand both times.

What does the team need to do to be better on fourth down?

"Convert them," said Taylor.

Above all else, Lynn wants his offense to do one simple thing.

"We want to get the ball in the end zone is what we want to do," explained Lynn. "We are going to need to score points."

This is already going to be a slugfest because of how good Kansas City is in all three phases of the game, but if the Bolts offense can't score any points, it is going to be a long day against the Super Bowl defending champs.

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