Chargers C Corey Linsley and QB Justin Herbert Still Adjusting to Each Other

The Chargers center is getting use to Cali.
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It has taken Chargers center Corey Linsley a little bit of time to acclimate to his new home. On Tuesday, he mentioned to the media that everything has taken some time to get used to but feels like everyone in the organization has been great.

It will take some time after being in Green Bay for six seasons and knowing what to expect from quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Now he is 2,000 miles west and has second-year quarterback Justin Herbert as his quarterback.

Even adjusting to Herbert will take time.

"I feel like the issues that we've had; we've been able to work through them and really I think that's the biggest thing is there's obviously going to be issues, I feel like snapping wise, and the fundamentals of everything have been really great," admitted Linsley.

They are only a couple of practices in but from the all-pro center, it seems like communication will be critical.

"In terms of the operation, you know, the communication and making calls and stuff, we've had time to talk about it now, where we've done live reps against the defense," explained Linsley. "We go into the walkthrough, we take a little bit of time and say, 'Hey, what do you feel like this?' 'Do you feel like this has been beneficial or that's been beneficial?' It's been good. I feel like those have all been productive."

He admitted that communication will be key with the rest of the offensive line, which features four new starters, including Linsley. They have never played together, so they will need time.

Linsley pointed to the padded practice that he and right guard Oday Aboushi didn't like something, so they spoke about it and changed it up for the next time they went up for 11 on 11.

"Our offensive line room has a great bunch of dudes," said Linsley. "I feel like the culture here, at least from what I've experienced, is phenomenal."

There has been a battle during training camp between the offensive line and the defensive line in practice. One of the players that Linsley faces every day is defensive tackle Linval Joseph. They have NFC North history.

"I'm glad he's on our team. I've played against him for six years in a row, twice a year, and we had some good battles," said Joseph.

Joseph was with the Minnesota Vikings while Linsley was a cheese head. The veteran defensive tackled pointed out that the veteran center will point things out to help the defensive line and says that Linsley will be huge for Herbert.

A sentiment that the Chargers agreed with in March. Herbert has probably never played with a center like Linsley in terms of a center that can see everything on the field and point center things out.

As they continue to practice, at one point, the relationship between these guys will be so close it would be as if they are sharing one brain. One will know what the other is thinking.

"Being able to communicate with your teammates like that and with Justin [Herbert], I feel like that part of it has really made me more comfortable, as a player, to know that we can do that," said Linsley.

Kick for Kick

Another day, another opportunity to see how the kickers are doing in their battle to make the best 53-man roster. On Monday, it was Michael Badgley competing against Tristan Vizcaino. Tuesday, it was Vizcaino against rookie Alex Kessman from Pitt.

The veteran kicker went first, missing his beginning attempt from 33 yards, but recovered nicely by hitting a 40, 45, 48, and 51 yard field goal bringing his total to 4/5 on Tuesday, but 9/10 all together. The rookie hit from 33, 30, 47, and 51 but missed from 44, so he is at 4/5 in total.

Special teams coach Derius Swinton has been very methodical when it comes to how special teams practices. He has done different days for different phases of special teams. He has even mixed and matched his long snapper, holder, and kicker every time.

"They've done a good job in the ball just getting their stroke back," said Swinton. "Working with different holders in long snapper just getting that feel. I like to compare them to pitchers and catchers and training camp spring training. They bring them in early, get used to them. That's where we're at right now. Second week, just okay, 'how was it going when I'm with this guy?' 'How's it with one with this guy?' Getting a feel for it again, and I think they're all just getting themselves right to where they want to be."

Injury Notes

Towards the end of practice during 11 on 11, Bolts right tackle Bryan Bulaga bent over and was in pain, so trainers rushed out to help him. It seems like they bandaged up his hand to the point where he looked like Ben Grimm "The Thing" from the Fantastic Four.

When he was headed to the bus, his hand wasn't bandaged up, and he looked fine. It will be interesting to see if he practices the day before an off day or if the team lets him rest up.

Receiver Tyron Johnson again didn't practice along with cornerback Ryan Smith. Both have been hobbled with injuries.