Chargers could scrimmage at SoFi Stadium says Anthony Lynn

Fernando Ramirez

The Chargers have started training camp, and it has been different. There will be no preseason games and no joint practices. That means that teams have to be more creative to get players ready for the start of the season.

"We have more than enough time to get ready," said Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn to the media on Wednesday. "Without the preseason games, we gain six or seven practices. It's not the time it's just an evaluation time of your football team. We don't get a chance to see certain guys play in games. Not everyone is playing games like they practice. That's going to be a little tricky. We are going to have to figure out ways to put guys in game-type situations throughout practice and make it more dynamic and creative."

The plan is for the team to have an inter-squad scrimmage to give guys a look, especially the rookies that were drafted and undrafted. Lynn mentioned that they could have that scrimmage at SoFi Stadium. Something the LA Rams have also talked about doing, according to Rams Reporter Eric Williams.

The way the Chargers plan to run their scrimmage is the same as joint practices, which means the players will wrap up, but won't take down to the ground.

Speaking of practice, Lynn said that the team is taking all of the precautions that the league has laid out for them.

"Two playbooks, one is our plays, and one is for COVID," explained Lynn. "I study both every single day. Things are changing every single day. It has played a major part on how we go about our business on a day-to-day basis."

The team is doing all they can to limit the exposure of their players. They have their weight sets outside with a distance of six feet between each machine. They are enforcing players to wear masks and are just following the rules because as much as they want to win games, they are about the player's safety.

"We are trying to practice as we practice," explained Lynn. "When we can limit guys exposure, that's what we are trying to do. If we can do that 22 hours out of the day, then that is our goal, but those two hours, we got to practice."

For now, the Bolts will practice in shirts and shorts until they can put the pads on in a couple of weeks. On Monday, Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa told the media that the first day of practice was a little fast and that players were flying around.

"I would say the tempo was a little fast first time out," said Lynn. "I underestimated that guys being back and not having any practices and them being excited. Yes, I had to make adjustments during practice. I also took the cleats off their feet. Everyone is in basketball shoes now. So that should slow us down."

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