Chargers DE Joey Bosa Talks About “My Cause My Cleats” and a Nomination He Received

The Chargers defensive end has a heart as big as his talent.

Joey Bosa is a big-time player. He sacks the quarterback. He sometimes yells and screams at the opposing players, but that is game time Joey Bosa. That guy had three sacks against the Buffalo Bills last Sunday.

Joey Bosa, the man, has a huge heart. He loves putting a smile on kids' faces. When the Chargers have had events for kids in the past, number 97 is there. Whether it is giving bicycles out to kids before Christmas or going to a hospital to visit sick kids, he always shows up.

"My Cause My Cleats" is something that NFL players do every season. They have a foundation that is important to them, so they put it on their cleats. NFL players will reach out to their designers and have cleats designed after the foundation they want on them.

Bosa is choosing MoreThan4. It is a foundation that started because only four percent of all the money spent on cancer research is used for childhood cancer. He wants that to change.

He has been supporting them since he met Sean Fredella, the creator of Morethan4, his sophomore year at Ohio State. Bosa was in Houston for the Lombardi Award that is given to the best defensive lineman or linebacker in college football. He went to visit a hospital, which is where he met Sean, according to an article he wrote for SI in 2017.

The following year he returned to Houston for the award and saw Sean in the hospital again. He is a four-time cancer survivor. He and Bosa have had a relationship since then.

"He actually knew a lot about Ohio State," Bosa said. "So, we were just chopping about everything, and he'd bring up people, and I'd be like, 'I don't even know who these guys are.' He was just so knowledgeable in it. We ended up talking for probably an hour just chopping it up."

Bosa will be rocking Nike cleats designed by Blake Barash. They will have gold on them because it represents the color of pediatric cancer. They will feature kids' names affected by cancer that the Bolts defensive end has worked with in the past.

"I was talking to him about the cleats, and he asked me if I got to see them, and I told him I love them. I thought they did an unbelievable job with them," said Bosa.

Bosa also received some pretty cool news on Wednesday. The Chargers had nominated him for the Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award. It is present to "an NFL player who best demonstrates the qualities of on-field sportsmanship, including fair play, respect for the game and opponents, and integrity in competition."

What was his reaction?

"It's a little shocking after that last mic'd up," joked Bosa.

Bosa was speaking about the Mic'd Up video the Chargers released after Bosa's three-sack, six tackles for loss, and five quarterback hit day. He is screaming that he is a beast in more colorful language, but there were no lies told in the video.

"It's still very surreal to me that people look up to me for advice. It means a lot to me any time an o-lineman even, or a young guy on another team wants to come up to me after a game and ask questions," said Bosa.

This is nothing new about Bosa. After the Chargers beat the Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker K'Lavon Chaisson came up to him after the game and asked him for advice. Bosa spent about 10-15 minutes with him showing him different moves. The same way Chiefs defensive end Tamba Hali showed him some pass-rushing moves after a game against the Chiefs in 2017.

Bosa has grown as a leader on the Bolts. During training camp, he talked to several players like defensive tackle Jerry Tillery and coached them up with some technique. He did a lot of it during training camp.

The same way other players did for him. He remembers in years past, he would go to defensive tackle Brandon Mebane for advice. He has since retired, so now Bosa goes to defensive tackle Linval Joseph.

"He's just a guy who he gives me guff, and when I'm slacking a little bit, he'll hit me on the side and get me going," explained Bosa. "Not a lot of people do that to me."

If Joseph gave him guff last Sunday, it worked because of the performance he had against the Bills. Bosa's usual celebration is the shoulder shrug, but on Sunday, he had a new one. He made a similar gesture that characters from a hit anime show called "Attack on Titan" do.

"Over the last year and change of dove in quite heavily into the anime," said Bosa.

He said he recently found out his teammate, linebacker Emeke Egbule, was an anime fan. Bosa got him into Attack on Titan. Right in time for something Bosa is excited about and is coming up soon.

"Next Monday actually the new seasons coming out, so watch party in my house," Bosa joked.

Bosa will debut his cleats a day before the new season on Sunday against the New England Patriots. The Bolts sit at 3-8, and it looks like they will miss the playoffs for the second consecutive season.

Bosa has optimism for the future.

"I just really believe with the quarterback we have now, and you get a guy like Derwin (James), you get a guy like Drue (Tranquill) back, it could change a lot of things," said Bosa