Chargers DE Joey Bosa to Use Bye Week to Get Healthy

The Chargers star defensive end has been dealing with some nagging injuries this season.
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The bye week jumped a couple of weeks due to the multiple positive COVID-19 tests around the league. The Chargers will now get a chance to regroup and recharge as they will have 11 straight weeks.

It will help players on IR be able to have an extra week to try to come back healthy. It will also allow players who are dealing with injuries.

"I think right now, it's something that we need," Bosa said. "Especially, selfishly, I need it right now. It's huge for a lot of guys."

Bosa is dealing with numerous injuries. He has a triceps injury he has been dealing with since the Cincinnati game, which was the first week of the season. He is also dealing with a knee and ankle injury that have slowed him down for the week leading into the game.

"Missing practice," said Bosa. "Not getting those reps because I feel like during the season, that's my time to truly improve as is every week through practice, practice what I've been learning, so just missing those reps in missing some stuff outside with lifting and stuff has been pretty tough."

Bosa is a player who likes to be prepared for a game, so he does numerous stretches and workouts before practice and games to be fully ready. He is similar to the quarterback he sacked on Monday, Drew Brees. Before practices and games, Brees stretches for about 20-30 minutes before anyone else gets on the field.

Leading up to the playing the New Orleans Saints, Bosa didn't practice once and was limited in the others. There was a real question if he would play. Bosa did end up playing and still managed to get a sack on 28 snaps. Bosa admitted that he probably wouldn't have played if the game was on Sunday.

Now he has time to get his body right.

"But with this time off, I'll be able to just get some treatment get to get some recovery," said Bosa. "And then I'll actually be able I'll be feeling good enough to get some good lifting and to get some good running and get back into get back into more prime shape. Get some offseason type days and where I can really go run and getting into shape again. Get some sprints and get some lifting in because I've really been just trying to manage all these things through the week and have been able to really get what I want done."

Even with the nagging injuries, Bosa has had a strong start to the season. He has four sacks in five games. In the offseason, the Chargers rewarded Bosa's hard work with a five-year contract extension.

"I kind of expected it to take pressure off me," Bosa said. "Like, 'Oh, man, I got the contract. Now, I just play.' But, no, it kind of is even more pressure, it feels like. I just don't want to let people down. I want to live up to the expectations and to the expectations that the team has for me."

The Ohio State product has been everything the Chargers could ask for and more. In 56 career games, Bosa has 44 sacks, 59 tackles for loss, and 92 quarterback hits. The stats are there, but he has also stepped up as a leader. He would pull young defensive line players off to the side during training camp and help teach them pass rushing moves.

As for now, Bosa will relax for the weekend and have some quality family time. He has a new roommate, in his baby brother Nick, who plays for the San Francisco 49ers. The younger Bosa tore his ACL in week two of the season.

His family is flying out this weekend to hang out with their kids, and his dad, John, has an important job to do.

"He's coming to be the nurse for Nick, not for me," Joey Bosa said Wednesday. "He's getting the full treatment from those two."

What is the best part of having them?

"It's just great having them around keeping the place tidy for me, of course, and food constantly running, so I can't complain," Bosa said.

Bosa explained that besides working out, he will probably go to dinner with his family and have a glass or two of wine.

"Red, my mom's taught me well," said Bosa.

As for the team, they will try to get players back healthy. It seems like every season, the injury bug hits the Bolts pretty hard. This season the list seems longer than usual.

"Honestly, no, because we've kind of always dealt with this," he said. "I honestly lose track because it's been kind of like this, I feel like, almost every year."

Head coach Anthony Lynn said the players would get away while the coaches will try to figure out how they can start winning football games again.

"No one is panicking," Lynn said. "I can tell you that. There may be a sense of urgency but no panic."