Chargers Draft Versatile TE Tre’ McKitty in the Third Round

Chargers needed some tight end help.
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The Chargers needed a tight end, and with the compensatory pick they received from former quarterback Philip Rivers they decided to draft Georgia tight end Tre' McKitty.

He has an interesting story because he was at Florida St. for three seasons. During the three seasons, he spent time with Chargers safety Derwin James (whom he called the best defender he had faced), Bolts fullback Gabe Nabers & second-round draft pick Asante Samuel Jr., so there is a big connection.

He decided to transfer to Georgia to show he could play at the next level. His targets went down from Florida St. to Georgia.

"The production wasn't there as far as receptions, but still it was a good year," McKitty said.

So, what kind of a tight end are the Bolts getting?

"I feel like I'm all-around tight end that wants to come in and learn, and that'll do whatever I can to help this team win," said McKitty.

Throughout his collegiate career, McKitty had four different offensive coordinators. He had to change offenses numerous times and learned how to adapt.

"I think it does nothing but help me, you know, you know, having to pick up something new every single year, I think my ability to learn is quick," said McKitty. "So I think that'll help me a lot."

One of the biggest strengths is blocking, which he takes a lot of pride in that area of his game. He felt like his blocking was good at Florida State but took the next step as a Bulldog.

"I think first thing is blocking is 80% want to," said McKitty. "So, I think I have that dog in me that wants to put some money in a bank and then also just come down technique. I have to continue to grow on that, but I think it is there and definitely improve on that as well."

The Chargers tight end room is starting to get a little crowded, which is a good thing. Their leader is veteran Jared Cook, who will be in his first season as the tight end. He will lead the room with McKitty, Donald Parham, and Stephen Anderson.

"I am excited to get to learn from a vet like that been watching in the last few years," explained McKitty about Cook. "He's one of the tight ends that I try to watch film on. So that's going to be an awesome opportunity, and I can't wait to work with him."

One of the reasons that attracted the Chargers to McKitty had to be because of the years of special teams work he has under his belt. The Bolts will need him on special teams, especially with them being the worst special teams in the NFL last season.

"I played a lot of positions while I was at Florida State," said McKitty. "Definitely think that's part of my game. I'm going to have to do it in the NFL, and I think I can excel in that as well."