Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn Addressed the Media after Day One of Training Camp

Jared Martin

The Los Angeles Chargers finally took the practice field yesterday, and their head coach, Anthony Lynn, showed great energy and enthusiasm afterward as he discussed the team and fielded questions from the media.

Coach Lynn discussed many of the issues on the forefront of Charger fans' minds such as: the absence of Melvin Gordon, the health of Russell Okung, the state of the offensive line and running back group, as well as his work in Tanzania building a school.

Lynn began the press conference talking about his priority of making sure the Chargers have the right mindset entering the season. He expressed confidence that the character and leadership on the team would allow them to avoid distractions that can come from high expectations and focus on the job at hand. 

Lynn on Melvin Gordon

Coach Lynn addressed Melvin Gordon's holdout very concisely. He echoed Tom Telesco's sentiment that they love Gordon, they are a better team with, but, in the words of Lynn, "he's not here."

Lynn on Hunter Henry

When Lynn was asked about how he thought Hunter Henry looked in the first practice, he reminded us all that Henry played last season and was healthy all offseason - hinting that we shouldn't be surprised that he "looked good."

Lynn on Thomas Davis

Lynn was also asked about newcomer, Thomas Davis. Here's a snippet of what he had to say about the veteran linebacker:

He's going to bring leadership to the linebacker room, experience. But, first he has to learn our system...I love his energy...I'm going to hold him out some. I'm going to make sure he's fresh week one.

Lynn on Denzell Perryman

Perryman was limited in practice because of tightness experienced in the conditioning test. Lynn assured us that Perryman is fine.

Lynn on Russell Okung

As you probably know by now, Russell Okung sought medical attention after experiencing chest pain during practice in June. It was revealed yesterday that he suffered a pulmonary embolism due to blood clots.

Coach Lynn praised the medical experts who have been taking care of Russell and said that he has been in all the meetings and is currently taking on a role as an assistant coach.

Lynn on His Work in Tanzania

As if being the head coach of a professional football team wasn't enough, Anthony Lynn also has done some work helping to build a school in Tanzania. When asked about that, here's a bit of what he said:

That experience was a game-changer for me. It was unbelievable. I've never been around a group of people who have done more with less, and are proud of it...To open a school with all those young kids - for them to have the opportunity to get an education with the grit they already have, there's going to be some impactful people coming out of that school.  

If you haven't heard this press conference, I encourage you to at least listen to this part. It's great perspective on how we take things for granted. It begins at 3:55.

Lynn on Dan Feeney Playing Center in Practice

Dan Feeney, typically a guard, was playing some center in practice. Lynn explained that versatility on the offensive line is important and getting Feeney reps at center is to get him ready to take over should something happen to Mike Pouncey.

Lynn on the Replacement for Russell Okung

Coach made it very clear that Sam Tevi will be the one playing left tackle in place of Okung. Trey Scott will also get a look. This is why the health of Okung is so important to the success of the team this year. Tevi struggled mightily last season.

Coach ended the press conference with a question regarding Rivers that ended is he still "the same old Rivers?" To which Lynn responded, "same young Rivers."

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We need to make a decision on Gordon sooner rather than later. No distractions...😯😯