Chargers LT Rashawn Slater Misses Practice on Monday

The Chargers rookie had some discomfort.

One of the more notable players missing practice on Monday was left tackle Rashawn Slater. He is coming off playing 20 plays during the team's game against the Rams.

On Monday morning, he felt some discomfort after going through a walk-thru.

"He felt a little something on his lower back, nothing to be concerned about. He's going to be back at practice for the San Fran practices more precautionary than anything," said Staley.

The Chargers head coach felt confident that he will have his rookie left tackle on Thursday morning against the 49ers in a joint practice. That gives Slater three days of rest until having to put the pads on.

Slater is coming off a great performance against the Rams. Staley has been right on the money before when it comes to when guys will be back, like right tackle Bryan Bulaga a couple of days ago, so the rookie left tackle should be in pads on Thursday.

The toss-up will be if the Bolts coaching staff plays him on Sunday afternoon.

One kicking battle resolved

The Chargers decided to release punter Lachlan Edwards on Monday morning. He was involved in a punting battle against Ty Long during training camp, but it seems like the team knows who their guy is after Saturday's game.

Both punters had two punts each on Saturday, with Long having a 61.5-yard average and Edwards being at 53.5 yards.

Long has been the punter for two years now and is coming off a subpar 46.8-yard average, so if he is able to punt the way he did on Saturday, it could be a game-changer for the Bolts.

Special teams coach Derius Swinton isn't messing around, so he must have complete confidence in Long, and he has made his decision.

The Chargers also released kicker Alex Kessman leaving the kicking battle up to Michael Badgley vs. Tristan Vizcaino. They also added long snapper help with the addition of Matt Overton.

Special teams reset

As previously stated, Swinton isn't messing around on Monday, there was a punt coverage drill, which was not executed correctly. The special team's coach let everyone hear about it.

He made them re-start the drill but with only the gunner's part taking. He was making them run it over and over until they got it right.

"He's just trying to elevate the standard of performance," said Staley. "I think we had a couple issues in the coverage game at the game at that position, and specifically, we're looking for guys to really, you know, separate and create roles for themselves. We expect them to do something a specific way. Then just meeting that practice standard and then coming off a game two days ago. No, there's no excuse to not do it. Right. And we're just trying to elevate that standard on our team."

There were a lot of positives from the Chargers special teams performance on Saturday expect their punt coverage. It was the only area they struggled with, so it seemed like Swinton would be an emphasis during Monday's practice.

Nuts N’ Bolts

· Did not practice: WR Mike Williams, RB Justin Jackson, DT Cortez Broughton, LT Trey Pipkins, LT Rashawn Slater, edge rusher Chris Rumph, CB Ryan Smith, LS Cole Mazza.

· Returned: S Mark Webb and LB Kenneth Murray.

· CB Michael Davis had an interception to end the two minute drill for quarterback Justin Herbert.