Chargers Positional Review: Quarterback

Fernando Ramirez

The Chargers have a new quarterback under center heading into the 2020 season. The quarterback room will consist of Tyrod Taylor, Justin Herbert, and Easton Stick. Management has stated that they believe in each quarterback and will count on them in different ways this season.

Tyrod Taylor

He is heading into his tenth season in the NFL. He was the Buffalo Bills starting quarterback when Anthony Lynn was the running backs coach/offensive coordinator. What Lynn noticed about Taylor is that he takes care of the football, which the head coach preaches wins football games. The former Bill can move in the pocket, so the team can add quarterback rollouts, read-option and even design quarterback runs. Something they couldn’t do with the previous quarterback.

The offense will change, but maybe for the better. Taylor won’t take unnecessary chances that could cost his team wins. One thing that Taylor has struggled with in the past is being able to stretch the field, but he hasn’t had a receiver like Mike Williams, who can go up and make a big grab.

Lynn did state last Wednesday, “He’ll probably be our day one starter.”

Justin Herbert

The rookie quarterback is coming off a strong year at the University of Oregon. He is seen as the “quarterback of the future.” The last time he was on the field, it was at the Rose Bowl, and his Ducks were down 27-21 in the fourth quarter. Herbert took the ball himself and outran the Wisconsin Badgers defense for a 30-yard game-winning touchdown.

Herbert is a William V. Campbell Trophy winner, which is the Heisman Trophy for a combination of athletics and academics. He is a smart young man who will understand the information, especially because he has Pep Hamilton as his quarterbacks coach. Herbert has the tools Lynn is looking for in a quarterback: a big arm, being able to move in the pocket, and intelligence. What the young quarterback needs to work on is decision making and not holding on to the football too long.

Lynn said that there would be a competition for the starting position, but most likely, Herbert will sit, learn, and be ready just in case his number is called.

Easton Stick

When Stick was drafted in the fifth round in 2019, many believed he could be a mirror of the New Orleans Saints all-around player Taysom Hill. He plays quarterback, special teams, and receiver for the team. That was not the plan this coaching staff had in mind. Stick was able to learn behind Philip Rivers and Tyrod Taylor.

Last preseason was pretty shaky for Stick. In his first game he threw for 78 yards, one interception, and had an electrifying 31-yard rushing touchdown. He threw three more interceptions in the next three preseason games. Stick did have some good throws and showed off athleticism, but his decision making at times was questionable.

As of right now, Stick will continue to learn and try to get better just in case he is asked to play, but as with Herbert, he will also benefit from having Pep Hamilton as his quarterbacks coach.

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If Justin's able to develop.... WATCH OUT NFL!!!!

Jason Smith
Jason Smith

Hope they can live up to big 17’s legacy!!


I’m with BoltDan95! Let’s just get in there and win big!!!!


Hopefully whichever QB starts under center they limit the turnovers! I was so tired of Rivers bakery 😂😭