Chargers QB Coach Shane Day Working w/ Justin Herbert Was a ‘Big Part’ of Joining Team

Chargers QB coach has a tall task.
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The Chargers have almost a whole new coaching staff, especially on the offensive side of the football. The biggest question after who would be the offensive coordinator was who would be the quarterback coach who will help with the development of their second-year player?

Brandon Staley decided to hire San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks coach Shane Day to the same position. Since it was the same position, it was up to Day if he would take the job. There was one primary reason why he decided to say yes.

"I think the opportunity to work with Justin Herbert was a big part of it," said Day. "The other part was working with Brandon Staley, just knowing him for a while. He's got a really good perspective on things. I really like his energy and his juice and how he looks at the game. When I got the opportunity to talk with him for a while about this job, in particular, I was really excited about it."

Day mentioned that one of the reasons he was excited to work with Staley was because he was a former college quarterback that is now a defensive coordinator. He wants to pick his brain on how he can attack certain defenses.

Obviously, getting to work with Herbert is going to be a significant plus because of the talent and the potential there is with him. When Day was with the 49ers, they did their homework on the young quarterback.

"You go through the draft evaluation process when you're not drafting Justin Herbert, and you get to see him on tape. I got to meet him, all those types of things at the combine," explained Day. "Now to see him in person and get to know him a little bit. It's been a lot of fun. To watch him up close has been amazing."

One of the underrated parts of Day is how he was able to work with Jimmy Garoppolo during his time in San Francisco. In the 2019-2020 season, Jimmy G was able to play at a high level and even make it to the Super Bowl against Kansas City.

Day now has a chance to work with Herbert. He mentioned that since being hired that he has been on the phone, in meetings, and face timing with Herbert often. During OTAs and minicamp, he got to see him work in person.

"Just watching him go through the process of learning the offense, going through all the meetings, you know, from learning the offense from A to Z, doing that stuff," explained Day. "Then now out on the field, kind of going through it and watching him, take drops and watch him go through his read progressions and just talking football. It's been, it's been awesome."

So, what are some impressions about getting to work with Herbert?

"One was that I mean, he can throw a football but as well as anybody," explained Day. "I thought the way he played the game was very impressive. He had the athleticism. He had the size. He has all five tools that you're looking for, I mean, which is very rare to find him, one person and then the other thing was just when I got to meet him, he was a very impressive guy. He's very humble, wants to learn a lot."

The plan is simple for the Chargers; improve the special teams, get the most out of the defense, stay healthy, and keep developing Herbert. The Bolts have a new offense this season in which, as previously stated, will be taking parts of New Orleans, Green Bay, and San Francisco while also throwing in what Herbert liked last season.

The Chargers brought in free agent quarterback Chase Daniel to help Herbert break down the offense.

"I'm glad that we were able to get him because not only from the standpoint of teaching and kind of mentoring Justin but he's been able to give me some real-life experience, which is great for this offense that I haven't been a part of," said Day. "So, he's been outstanding."

Day knew that when he took the job, it was all about number 10. Herbert said before the break between minicamp and training camp that he would continue to learn the offense. Day mentioned that he felt like the previous coaching staff had done an excellent job with his last season.

He was coached up by Pep Hamilton, who is now with the Houston Texans, and they had a close relationship. The relationship between Day and Herbert is still growing.

"We're trying to teach him a new offense," said Day. "We're trying to teach them kind of the subtleties of the position, and it's just kind of day to day, we're throwing a lot of stuff at him and seeing what sticks, and then we'll see where he's at in training camp. But yeah, we're just trying to build on that foundation he put in place last year with those guys."