Chargers QB Justin Herbert Takes on New Challenge off the Field

The quarterback is turning a winning tradition into a new venture.
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Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert took the NFL by storm last season with his play on the field. He is a potential NFL Rookie of the Year and had a record-breaking first year. He finished his first season, winning six games.

The day after his second NFL victory, Herbert uploaded a picture of a brisket on the grill with the caption "victory brisket." It was a snowball effect.

Anytime the Bolts won, fans awaited the "victory brisket" post from Herbert or one of his roommate's fullback Gabe Nabers or guard Nate Gilliam. Herbert was a chef on and off the field.

The Chargers quarterback used his Traeger grill to give his roommates a great brisket while scoring 36 total touchdowns this season.

Now he faces his biggest challenge of 2021.

On February 3rd, Herbert will participate in a prep and cook with Traeger pitmaster Chad Ward on Traeger's Instagram page at 4 pm pacific time. Ward has won multiple awards and even placed in the top ten in competitions over 200 times. He has worked with MLB great Ken Griffey Jr., New England Patriots linebacker Donta Hightower, and WWE star Titus O'Neil.

Herbert has impressed a lot of people with his brisket making ability but will now be joining forces with a champion like Ward.

"I'm pumped to get cooking with the Justin Herbert in honor of the big game. While he was a rookie this season, he's no rookie on a Traeger. This smoked beef brisket does not disappoint! I've been watching Justin cook up his victory brisket for weeks now, and I'm excited to welcome him to the Traegerhood," said Ward.

They will together prep their brisket, cook it and finish it off with a taste test.

Herbert admitted to the media after his first "victory brisket" that it was his first time doing it. This is Herbert's thing now. Briskets and Herbert go together like peanut butter and jelly.

A couple of weeks ago, his new head coach Brandon Staley took questions from fans, and one of the questions was, "What is his opinion on brisket?"

Staley answers, "Oh huge; love barbeque…huge!"

He is told, "check who sent that to you."

It was his new quarterback Justin Herbert.

Staley follows up, "huge anything you can smoke or grill I am a big fan of."

As the new head coach, Staley must be hoping that Herbert makes numerous "victory briskets" next season.

It will be the first cook-off of the young quarterback's career, but if his skills are anything like the post he has, it may only be the beginning of a new vocation. It also means that he could find new recipes for his "victory briskets," with his roommates being the biggest benefactors.