Chargers Report Card Following the Loss to the Buffalo Bills

The Bolts report card isn't pretty after yet another loss.
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The Chargers (3-8) suffered yet another loss where they made numerous mistakes. The Bills (8-3) took advantage of the errors and made the Bolts pay. It seems like this is a weekly occurrence for this team. They make mistakes in crucial moments, and the opposing team makes them pay.

No matter how good their rookie quarterback, Justin Herbert, has played, they continue to struggle to win games.

Here is the team's report card:

Quarterback: C-

This game was a mirror image of the game against the Miami Dolphins. The Bills defense disguised a lot of their formations. They made life difficult for Herbert. He never looked comfortable and struggled to get in rhythm.

Running backs: C+

The return of Austin Ekeler was a welcomed sight. He had 25 touches for 129 yards. Rookie Joshua Kelley had a big 33-yard run and scored a touchdown. The Bolts never established the run beside their second drive, where they had a heavy dose of Ekeler mixing and matching the pass and run.

Receivers: C-

Usually, when the quarterback doesn't play well, neither do the receivers. They had 162-yards and one touchdown. It is incredible that the Bolts don't look for Mike Williams more. He is a mismatch against any defense. The receivers and quarterback have struggled the last two away games.

Tight end: B-

Hunter Henry had a good game catching seven passes for 67 yards. He helped in pass protection. The Bolts need to use more tight end sets and get another end involved. Especially when they get in two or three tight end sets, all in all, Henry had a strong game.

Offensive line: D+

The offense wasn't able to establish the run, and Herbert was under duress a lot on Sunday. He was sacked three times. When Herbert doesn't get enough time, that is when he makes mistakes. Not having Bryan Bulaga hurt the team.

Defensive line: A+

Joey Bosa. He had a career game with three sacks, and he was just all over the field. He was wreaking havoc. No one else got consistent pressure other than 97, and he even got a fumble recovery, but just because of him, they get an A+.

Linebackers: C+

They let Devin Singletary run around them at times, but Nick Vigil came up with yet another turnover. He popped the ball out of Singletary's hands. Even with the injury to Denzel Perryman, the linebackers had a strong finish to the game.

Secondary: C+

They didn't let Stefon Diggs go crazy on them. They came up with two turnovers. The only struggle was letting Gabriel Davis get three catches for 79 yards and a wide-open touchdown. Chris Harris Jr.'s return gave them a boost. He blitzed, which made Josh Allen throw the interception to Michael Davis.

Special teams: D-

Another missed kick by Michael Badgley. It was an extra point but a miss nonetheless. In four kickoff returns, Andre Roberts had 111 yards. He also had an 18-yard punt return. Special teams made changes in the coaching department but had the same results.

Coaching: F-

Bad clock management. Bad play calling. Bad football. The coaching staff seems to be outcoached in every game.

Next opportunity: Z-

Lynn and company will be facing one of the greatest coaches in NFL history in Bill Belichick. His New England Patriots are different with Cam Newton at quarterback, but they are still winning games. They are coming off beating Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals. His defense will be ready to throw new wrinkles out at Herbert and the offense.