Chargers Will Start Rookie Quarterback Justin Herbert Against the Carolina Panthers

Fernando Ramirez

Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that quarterback Tyrod Taylor had some complications with the pain-killing shot given to him by the team doctor last Sunday. Lynn also stated that Taylor will not play this weekend, so rookie quarterback Justin Herbert will start this Sunday.

Last weekend before the Chargers home opener against the Kansas City Chiefs, Taylor was given a shot for his sore ribs. He experienced some difficulty breathing and was taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Lynn told Herbert that he was starting right before kickoff. The rookie quarterback ended up throwing for over 300 yards and added two touchdowns (one rushing). Tight end Hunter Henry had six catches for 83 yards in the game but mentioned on Wednesday when speaking to the media that he didn't find out Herbert was the starter until he ran into the huddle and gave them the play.

Henry told the media that he believes in the young quarterback.

"I think he's got some film now," said Henry. "And he's seen some live reps against a really good defense. So, I think, you know, you can only get better from that. You can't take those games, like reps away from them. So, take, you know, he's watched the film, and he's gonna learn a lot and, you know, move forward and progress, just like we all do. So, I think he'll be the same as us."

Lynn mentioned that he was impressed by Herbert's poise. He liked that the young quarterback stood in the pocket and how he could scramble around in the pocket to extend plays.

Herbert was thrown in there last minute, but Lynn remembers what his ex-Denver Broncos head coach told him.

"I remember coach (Mike) Shanahan telling me one time," said Lynn. "Don't don't tell me how many times you told him, Tell me how many times you put them through it. And so, there was some situation we just did not put him through last week, and I thought he handled those situations well."

Herbert has already started off the week on a high note.

"He was here yesterday at 6:30 in the morning with me watching tape and getting ready," explained Lynn. "I mean, he's a hard worker. He doesn't take this lightly. He's a young professional and prepare as well. And let me say his coach now have a lot of fitness coaches pouncing and getting him ready to play. I think pups did an outstanding job with their quarterback room."

Lynn said that Tyrod Taylor means a lot to this team and that there is a reason why he is the starter for the team. Taylor started the first game of the season and seemed to be struggling but little did anyone know something was wrong.

"We did not know that at the time," explained Lynn. "You know, he was just sore. And I noticed that he, you know, there were certain things about Tyrod that I wasn't seeing in the game. But we just took it soreness it wasn't the later in the week that he got looked at on Thursday. And, you know, that's when we found out about the about the ribs. That's why he was on his report on Friday."

According to ESPN Adam Schefter's report, Taylor was being treated for two broken ribs he sustained against the Bengals.

Lynn was asked how he felt about the situation.

"I'm not angry at all," said Lynn. "You know, it happens, you know, and like I said, I can't go into details about it. But uh, it was a complication with the shot, and no one's perfect. You know, I don't think anyone in this room is perfect. So, it happens. But I know that the doctors I know, he's a good man. And it's just unfortunate."

This message was reiterated by Henry and defensive tackle Linval Joseph. Both players feel like it was an accident and have no concerns themselves.

Joseph was asked from a defensive point how he felt about the rookie quarterback's performance and getting a chance yet again this Sunday.

"I was actually excited for him," said defensive tackle Linval Joseph. "I mean, that was to be thrown into a game versus that type of team. And the way he delivered, I take my hat off to him. Yeah, he earned my respect. He's gonna be a very good player. And long as you get better each and every day. Don't sleep on us, we gonna surprise a lot of people this year."

Injured Bolts

· Did not practice: QB Tyrod Taylor (chest), RB Justin Jackson (quad), DT Justin Jones (shoulder), LB Nick Vigil (groin)

· Limited: RT Bryan Bulaga (Knee), TE Hunter Henry (ankle), S Rayshawn Jenkins (groin), DB Desmond King (back).

· Full: DE Joey Bosa (triceps), DE Melvin Ingram (knee)

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