Chargers WR Keenan Allen Makes Birthday Wish Come True

Father drives nine hours for Keenan Allen's gloves.

When James Morante was told by his job that he would need to travel to Los Angeles this week, he couldn't stop thinking about one thing, his daughter.

Her 13th birthday is in a couple of weeks, and wanted one thing. She is a massive fan of the receiver they call "Slayer" and wears 13 in Keenan Allen.

"Well, he went to Cal and two, I think he's the first celeb crush," said Morante.

Morante decided to get tickets to Chargers practice and go to Jack Hammett Sports Complex with a sign that read, "Just drove 9 hrs to ask Keenan Allen for his gloves 4 my daughter's birthday!!"

"It's dope to me that someone drove down here and took the time just to come get some gloves," said Allen.

While the Chargers players were in their activation period and stretching, Morante along with other fans, pointed at the sign and yelled for Allen.

The veteran receiver is usually very focused during practice, so he made no indication that he had seen the sign. After the team broke for individual periods, Allen ran over and tossed his gloves to Morante.

"He was excited and happy," said Allen.

Allen has four kids of his own and knows he would do anything for his kids.

Morante now goes back home like a rockstar dad but admitted it will be difficult to hide this from his daughter for the next few weeks. He joked, saying he may wear them on her birthday as a joke.

He said he will return to Davis, California with a huge smile on his face because the Chargers receiver made his day.

"That was super cool," says Morante. "It shows he's the kind of person he is, you know, on and off the field."