Chargers WR Keenan Allen & RB Austin Ekeler Will Play in the Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl II

Both Chargers players are taking on a new challenge.

The week of the Super Bowl always is full of a lot of events that take place. Usually, it happens in the city that hosts the biggest game of the season. This season is different because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the events have gone virtual this season, which is perfect for Twitch.

They are a company that live streams video games played by gamers so the whole world can see them on their app. Twitch will be hosting their second annual "Twitch Rivals: Streamer Bowl II." It is the Super Bowl of gaming, where they team up 30 NFL players, 30 twitch streamers, and 30 community champions. They will battle it out in the popular game called Fortnite on Thursday, February 4th at 6 pm ET/3 pm PT on

There will be two Chargers players participating in this event wide receiver Keenan Allen and running back Austin Ekeler.

So, what is their experience level?

"Yeah, I've been playing Fortnite since season one," said Allen. "So, I play it all the time. It is just fun, addicting, and competitive."

"I'm not the best Fortnite player I've actually played with one of my teammates, and he is insane at the game, so I'm like if I'm going up against this, I'm just going to try to hide," explained Ekeler. "I'm there more so for the exposure and just to contribute some good vibes and some good times to the community across the board."

Fortnite is a difficult game to master because of the different metrics of the game. A player must be able to have a great shot, build, and make sure to avoid opponents all at the same time.

Current teammates now face-off, Allen will be a part of the "Benchwarmers" with aircool and grimfnx. Ekeler will be joining forces with Alixxa and Jaceimdone on team "Loud Ones."

Allen and Ekeler are both athletes that work very hard to prepare, so how are they preparing for this challenge?

"Been going good, man," said Allen. "I have gotten a lot better over the past few weeks. Just doing better courses and playing with better guys."

"I need probably another year of practice to actually competitively play, but I feel like I can get my way around the building the editing, shooting, I understand the game the mechanics, so I got something to go off of," said Ekeler. "So, we'll just see how it comes together."

Now that the two teammates will be pitted against each other and various teams, there was some trash talk.

"He sucks," said Allen laughing.

"I got brought in just because I'm on Twitch," admitted Ekeler. "I have an active community. So, I'm not even mad that I'm not that great at Fortnite. No hard feelings."

Gamers must love facing difficult obstacles because Fortnite truly tests a player's instincts and decision-making ability.

"It's challenging," explained Allen. "It's hard. To be dominant in the game is hard."

Both players are taking different approaches to the game. Allen mentioned that he was practicing with friends who are much better at the game to prepare. At the same time, Ekeler has played with teammate Jace.

"He was our community member that made through like, 400,000 other people," said Ekeler about his teammate. "So, he's insane. Insane. Like this man is flawlessly runs, edits, and shoots at the same time. So, I'm glad he's on our team."

Both players are fan favorites. Both players score numerous touchdowns. Allen dances after scoring a touchdown while Ekeler does his signature air guitar celebration, which he wants to add in Fortnite.

"I got to unlock it," said Ekeler about his celebration. "I probably will before I get there, so I got to represent myself the brand. Absolutely, going to rock out just like I do in the end zone. So, you'll probably see that for sure."

Every team will be playing for $1 million, which will be distributed to each team, and they can donate it to their charity of choice. The winning team does get $250,000 to split between them and donate it to the charity of their choice. Both Chargers players expect chaos when given the green light, to begin with so many talented players.

Allen, along with his team, have their strategy. Just like a professional team going into a big game will play to everyone's strengths. Ekeler said his team would do the same, but his strengths will be completely different.

"I think it's going to come down to who's honestly who's a community member is going to carry their team because these guys and girls are insane and so I'm hoping Jace is feeling really good today or tomorrow, I guess, and he can put it together," said a laughing Ekeler. "I'm just basically going to be his pack mule if you need some heels on the throws. 'Here you go, man. Here we go. I'm going to go hide. Go get 'em, buddy.'"