Chargers WR Mike Williams Talks About His Interception, Chemistry w/ Justin Herbert, and More

The Chargers receiver is coming off a game deciding defensive play against the Broncos.

The Chargers receiving core is very talented. They have receivers on this team that can do just about everything, even catch interceptions. That is what receiver Mike Williams did to end the game against the Denver Broncos on Sunday afternoon and secure their third victory in a row.

"Never thought I would get a chance to get in and catch an interception in a football game, but it was good," said Williams.

The other Charger receiver with an interception is Keenan Allen. In 2017, he intercepted New York Jets quarterback Bryce Petty before halftime.

Allen is usually the receiver they put back there in these situations, but he was out with a hamstring injury, so Williams stepped up.

Quarterback's Tyrod Taylor and Justin Herbert have described Williams as an 80/20 receiver, which means he is more likely to come down with a jump ball 80 percent of the time. He knew what the opposing receivers were looking to do on the final play.

"I was in the game with other receivers at that point, though," explained Williams. "So, they kind of got the same mindset. I had to go up and get the ball. So, I was just trying to make sure I get it at its highest point, make sure nobody else was around me."

Williams was asked on Monday when was the last time he caught an interception. He had to think back to his high school days at Lake Marion in Santee, South Carolina. The fourth-year receiver said that he played safety in high school.

"I had a lot of picks," said Williams.

He mentioned that he was a two-way player that started at defensive end, then quarterback moved to safety, then a wide receiver. He played both safety and receiver his senior year. According to MaxPreps, Williams had three interceptions his senior year plus 60 receptions for 1,395 yards and ten touchdowns.

Did he ever do that at Clemson?

"We never been in those types of situations in college," joked Williams.

Speaking of his former Tigers, they play the Ohio State Buckeyes on Friday in the College Football Playoff semifinal. He will be cheering on his Tigers while also having a few friendly words with teammates and ex-Buckeyes Joey Bosa and KJ Hill.

"I haven't talked to them yet," said Williams. "But it's going to be a lot of trash talk coming from me, to be honest. Last time we played, we beat them pretty bad. So, the game I played in, and then we beat him again after that, but I feel like I have a lot of bragging rights right now. So, I'm going to be talking about a trashed home."

Clemson is 4-0 all-time against Ohio State. The game Williams remembers is the one his Tigers blew out Ohio State 31-0 in 2016. Williams had six catches for 96 yards in the game.

He was drafted after that season seventh overall by the Chargers and has come a long way since then. He is one of the best receivers in the air, even on the defensive side.

Coming into the NFL, Williams was slowed down by injuries, so he really didn't have an offseason, kind of the way this year's rookie class didn't get one due to COVID-19.

Even with all that, he saw something in a certain rookie quarterback.

"We knew that he was a real deal," said Williams.

Williams recalled watching Herbert make some throws that made his jaw drop.

"We knew that we were getting a guy who could come out throw the ball and lead his team, and he's just showing that he can do that," said Williams.

Herbert started in week two against the Kansas City Chiefs and since then has been on a tear breaking numerous rookie records.

"He's just getting his feet wet," said Williams about his rookie quarterback.

This season, Williams's numbers have gone down compared to his 2019 campaign, but he understands it will take time to build the chemistry. He didn't get a chance to practice with Herbert until being named the starter.

"Once we hit this offseason, it's going to be a lot better, though," said Williams. "So, I'm excited for that just to get a whole full offseason in with him and OTAs and all that and keep going."

It took a while for him to develop chemistry with former Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, so he knows once he gets more time with Herbert, their connection will continue to grow.

The Bolts are one game away from their season being over. Williams feels like it was a mixed season of good and bad, but he knows they must do one thing to get ready for 2021.

"Main thing is focus on what's in front of us don't look in the rearview and just focus on things that's in front of and what we can control," explained Williams. "Us getting better OTA's training camp and playing the season next year."