Defensive Line: Winners and Losers from Chargers' Pre-Season Week 1

Jared Martin

I mentioned yesterday that the Chargers' defensive line performance was disappointing, and that initial feeling held up after I watched them again. There were a couple players who stood out, however. So, here are my pre-season week one winners and losers from the Chargers' defensive line.


Isaac Rochell

Rochell was far and away the best defensive lineman on Thursday. Early on, he was dominate against the run. His pass rush didn't really show up until a bit later in the game, but, once it did, he was able to get good pressure and was eventually able to record a sack.

Justin Jones

Justin Jones got starter treatment on Thursday - only getting 13 snaps, but he showed up during those snaps. Like Rochell, Jones won more against the run than he did against the pass, but he was able to flash a bit more in the pass-rush than Rochell did against equal competition.

Ty McGill

McGill didn't fill the stat sheet on Thursday - only recording one tackle - but he did manage to get in the backfield a few times to disrupt plays.

Chris Peace

Peace, an undrafted free agent, was a stand-out from Thursday for many of those who watched. He recorded an early sack and could have easily had another. He's now someone to watch in the second pre-season game, and that is a huge win for an undrafted player.


Damion Square

Square was a disappointment on Thursday. He played with the first team and didn't win very often. He was involved in many stalemates with the offensive line - getting no push. When he plays during the regular season, he's going to be asked to occupy blockers and help collapse the pocket so that guys like Bosa and Ingram can get home. He didn't show the ability to do that.

Cortez Broughton

Being as that Broughton was a seventh-round pick, it's unreasonable to expect too much from him, but he didn't show much of anything on Thursday. Broughton is battling for a roster spot and he didn't look like much more than a warm body out there.

Everyone Else

Like I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I was not impressed with the defensive line as a whole. With the exception of the four I listed above, no one showed anything to get excited about.

I mentioned Square and Broughton specifically because they were ones I expected more from.

This should all be taken in context. Even with the poor showing from the defensive line, we need to remember that Tillery, Mebane, Bosa, and Ingram didn't play. Those four with Rochell and Jones make up a very formidable group.

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Broughton is a candidate for the practice squad.


Hey Chargermaven When Chargers drafted Broughton I looked to his highlights and really couldnt find any. My point is warm body sounds about right! Thanks for your feedback.