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Keenan Allen vs. Ronald Darby Matchup Is One to Watch for on Sunday

There are always certain positional battles that decide the outcome of games.

The Chargers traveling to Denver could be a trap game for a team looking to re-take the lead in the AFC West. Brandon Staley will face off against his mentor Vic Fangio, so there may be a lot of fireworks.

There will be three matchups that will decide the game. Here they are:

Mike Williams vs. Patrick Surtain

The style Williams is playing right now, which is basically doing everything in the route running tree, could mean the rookie cornerback that takes him. Surtain has had a great rookie season and has to be in the running for defensive rookie of the year. Williams has had a rollercoaster kind of season because he started hot, cooled down, and got it going last weekend. The Chargers are better when Williams is a focal point in the offense, so they need to continue that this weekend in Denver, a place in which he plays well in.

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Tevaughn Campbell vs. any receiver

The Broncos have a solid trio at receiver with Tim Patrick, Jerry Jeudy, and Courtland Sutton. All three are explosive and can make a difference on Sunday. Cornerback Asante Samuel Jr. will not play on Sunday with a concussion, so that means Campbell will take his place. In the last few weeks, Campbell has struggled and has been making numerous mistakes. It cost them against the Vikings and almost cost them against the Steelers. He needs to be disciplined and try not to commit mistakes, especially with the NFL being on the back end.

Keenan Allen vs. Ronald Darby

Allen has been on a tear as of late with two 100-yard performances in the last three weeks but also had a 98-yard performance as well. He is playing at a very high level and looks to continue to do it in Denver. The Broncos have a tough secondary, so expect Allen to face Darby more than any other corners. Darby is a good cornerback, so it will be interesting to see these guys match up.