Lynn: “We Have to Continue to Get Better Every Week”

Sports Xchange

On DE Joey Bosa:

“I think he's getting better every day. We've been working back slowly, but he's not back yet.”

On Bosa’s participation in practice:

“He may do some football drills on the side. That's what he's been doing, and we've been steadily working him in a progression to get back on the field, but it just won't be today.”

On TE Hunter Henry:

“He's still in his rehab. He's doing well, but you know, that's a long shot and we'll see. Anything's possible with him.”

On if a decision has been made whether Henry will be activated from PUP:

“No, we haven't talked about that.”

On any timetable for Bosa’s return:

“No, I don't like to put timetables on these injuries, to be honest with you. So when he’s ready and he'll be back on the field.”

On if the team’s success allows them to be more cautious with Bosa:

“Yeah, we were going to do that anyway, like you said, but I would like to get him back as soon as I can. Right now, he's not completely 100 percent.”

On Bosa’s progression:

“He started doing some change of direction a week and a half ago. Now we just need to keep building that up to pass-rush drills and speed. Like I said, he'll work some today on the side.”

On LB Kyzir White:

“No, the plan kind of changed with Kyzir. Looking at his situation — long-term — we think it's best that he sit down, get that knee right, and just take all the time that he needs. So that's what we put him down on [injured reserve]. 

On if White could be designated for return later this year:

“There is a chance he could return, absolutely.”

On the intensity when facing Oakland:

“Divisional rivalry, you know, yes. We feel that. We know Oakland is a tough place to play and it's going to be a four-quarter football game up there. It's going to be a dogfight like it was last year.”

On the impact of players that went undrafted:

“It speaks to the character of this team. A lot of guys were undrafted on this team, but they were told they couldn't do it and they proved them wrong. They show up on Sunday and make plays. [S Adrian] AP [Phillips] for example, he's a professional. Height, weight, speed, you wouldn’t think much of him, but he just makes plays every single week.”

On the work ethic of the team:

“This is a blue-collar team. There are a lot of blue-collar players on this team, hardworking guys. They’re professional, they care about one another and they've all bought in. Right now, I feel like things are moving in the right direction. We have a long season left. So I like what they're doing right now, but we have to continue to find ways to get better each and every week.”

On G Michael Schofield III:

“He was forced out of position, but Mike came in, Mike's doing well right now. The communication with Mike and the chemistry that he has for the offensive linemen is pretty good. It's just getting him out there, but Michael's playing at a pretty good level right now.”

On CB Desmond King II:

“He's a play-maker. He's an instinctive football player and that's why we drafted him. He's been doing this his whole life.”

On King’s progression in his second season:

“I think he's going to pick up where he left off, to be honest with you. When we've had him in the return game, I think he stepped up there, and he's done a nice job there as well. He's just a good football player.”

On having King as a slot receiver:

“You know, you can do so many things with the guy in the slot. He's in the slot. He can force the run, rush the passer. Of course, it's cover skills — but it's good to have a good, instinctive football player slot because he's in space.”

On what player will handle punt return duties:

“[King] and [WR] Travis [Benjamin] will share the position, no doubt.”

On avoiding overlooking opponents:

“I mean, this group, we've been talking about it for a long time. They understand we hit the reset button, and we go out and start over every single week. They've done a good job with that so far. So no reason for me to think they're going to stop doing that, but we do emphasize it because it is human nature. Not only that, more distractions, more national media, things like that, pulling guys here and there. So you've got to focus a little harder.”

On focusing on this week:

“Well, it's the National Football League. They know that you can get beat any given Sunday. I told them about the story about the '98 Broncos, undefeated. We go play New York, who has only won three games all year, and we got beat in that game. We went on to win the Super Bowl that year — but that's a game we feel like we played them ten times and beat them ten times, but we got beat that day. We played Buffalo pretty good before the half [this year]. They go the next week and dominate a good Vikings team. So it happens every week. We just want to make sure it doesn't happen to us.”

On facing Oakland:

“They're in our division. We know each other very well. It's going to be pretty intense.”

On how the Raiders have changed since the offseason:

“They didn't change much as far as what they did. Personnel may be different, but those are still NFL football players. They went through the same evaluation I got through to get here. So we can't take any of those guys for granted. They're pretty much doing what they do. The quarterback is completing over 70 percent of his passes still.”

On if another kicker will be brought in for kickoffs:

“As of right now, [K] Michael [Badgley] will handle kickoffs. There is always a possibility that we could do that, but you weaken another position when you do that. 




Jason B. Hirschhorn