NFL Least Likely League to Not Crown 2020 Champion

Jason B. Hirschhorn

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to affect the sports world, oddsmakers have weighed in on which, if any, of the major sports leagues will not end up crowning a champion at the conclusion of their respective 2020 seasons. According to new odds released by Sports Betting Dime, the NFL appears the least likely league to end its season before determining a winner with such a scenario receiving just 15/1 odds.

Many factors contribute to the NFL's 15/1 odds, none more so than timing. While Major League Soccer, the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, and the National Hockey League either suspended play of an ongoing season or would normally have begun play at this point in the calendar, the NFL does not kick off its season until September. That provides the league with more than enough runway to see how other entities handle the virus and determine the best approach for holding a football season.

Still, the NFL does face some concerns that the other leagues avoid. If a second wave of the coronavirus does hit in the fall or winter as some medical experts fear, that could result in the league dealing with its own postponement and perhaps even cancellation. Given the inconsistencies between states and cities regarding how to reopen, it remains too difficult to reasonably estimate the probability of a second wave.

Odds a 2020 champion is not crowned in the following sports

1. MLS - 6/5

2. NBA - 4/3

3. MLB - 3/2

4. NHL - 3/2

5. NFL - 15/1

-- Jason B. Hirschhorn is an award-winning sports journalist and Pro Football Writers of America member. Follow him on Twitter: @by_JBH