Offensive Line: Winners and Losers from Chargers' Pre-Season Week 1

Jared Martin

The Chargers sure looked the part of a team playing their first pre-season game of the season on Thursday. Their ten penalties and two turnovers will give head coach, Anthony Lynn, some sleepless nights. But, it wasn't all bad.

The Chargers offensive line was an area of concern all off-season. So, when the Bolts suited up on Thursday, it was that unit that I was most interested to see. After rewatching the game a couple times, I've compiled a list of winners and losers from their offensive line based upon Thursdays performance.


Dan Feeney

Dan Feeney is one of those players that caused a lot of that concern I mentioned above, but he was quite good against the Cardinals.

Feeney mostly played center in place of Mike Pouncey. I'm not sure he was beaten all night. A really solid performance from Feeney.

Forrest Lamp

It wasn't all pretty from Lamp, but overall he looked like the guy who is poised to finally win a starting spot.

He had one bad whiff, and a couple other minor mistakes, but overall very good. I expect him to be the Chargers' best offensive lineman this season and he did nothing to change my mind on that.

Trey Pipkins

This is less about Pipkins playing well and more about the other tackles struggling. Trey Pipkins was considered a raw talent coming out of college, but he surprised me a little bit by looking like the more refined tackle on the roster.

He was beaten badly on one play, and periodically showed his rawness, but overall it was a respectable first showing from Pipkins.


Trent Scott

I didn't think Scott was very good at all on Thursday - particularly in pass-blocking. If he wasn't getting outright beaten, he was getting put on a sled and pushed back into the quarterback. Russell Okung could not come back soon enough.

Spencer Drango

Drango only played 20 snaps, but he didn't do much to impress with them. He looked outmatched at times against the Cardinals' second and third string pass rushers.


Sam Tevi

I'm being non-committal on Tevi because, while he wasn't particularly good, he wasn't overtly bad. I thought he did a much better job in pass-blocking than he did with run-blocking.

I'm struggling to see him as a right tackle as he doesn't look comfortable at all run-blocking.

That's what I saw from the o-line. I thought as a group they were a pleasant surprise. Feeney was especially a bright spot. I expected him to struggle at center given as that it is a bit of a foreign position for him, but he did admirably.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the offensive line's first test of the season.

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Considering the concern we had the OL played pretty well.