It's been over 26 years since OJ Simpson fled police in a white Bronco, and two years since he was paroled from prison in after an armed robbery sentence. Simpson has since been out of the public eye - for good reason.

Melvin Gordon's contract situation has been big news in LA, but now that Ezekiel Elliott has started his own contract beef with the Cowboys, running back contracts are getting national attention. So much so that OJ Simpson, a Hall of Fame running back, has decided to give his two cents.

Simpson is more adamant that Elliott should be paid. He claims the Cowboys "may not even make the playoffs" without Elliott. Gordon's situation, however, is more understandable according to Simpson. Because of Gordon's injury history and backfield depth, Simpson gets why the Chargers have not given him the big deal, but still believes they should because "...when this guy is on the field, playing - he's one of the best in the game."

If you've read any of my articles on the Gordon holdout, you know by now that I disagree with Simpson. Even the best running backs in the game, Elliott included, are replaceable. You may not get quite the level of play out of a backup, but you will get comparatively more when you take into account how much money a top running back costs these days.