At 37 years of age, after 15 seasons in the NFL, it would be understandable for Philip Rivers to coast through the off-season. He's thrown 7,000 passes (exactly) in his career. So, another 500 more would be nothing to him. So, if he wanted to prop his feet up and take an off-season off, we probably wouldn't notice. He'd still be great and none would be the wiser. But, Rivers clearly did not have that mentality this off-season.

Rivers' press conference after day one of training camp made news because of his endorsement of a Melvin Gordon-less backfield. But, as he was talking, all I could think about is how nervous everyone in attendance must have been as Philip haphazardly waived his guns around as he talked. No, Rivers did not have a couple of pistols at his press conference, but he was absolutely well-armed. Excuse the pun.

What I'm trying to say is, Philip Rivers is ripped, and that must have the rest of the AFC West terrified. Rivers' legacy is being held back by his lack of a Super Bowl, but based upon the evidence, he doesn't plan on that being permanent.

A hungry Philip Rivers will be a problem for the rest of the league. Last season, he put up some of the best numbers of his career. His 105.5 passer rating was tied for the best of his career and his 71.2 QBR was his third best.

I mentioned earlier this week that a Charger's offense without Melvin Gordon may need to rely more on the arm of Philip Rivers, and something tells me he will be up to the task.