Players Safety comes First says Chargers GM Telesco & Coach Lynn

Fernando Ramirez

It is no secret that 2020 has been strange. Everyone is trying to adapt to the new world we live in; social distancing and wearing masks.

The NFL is no different. Since agreeing to a deal to play during the Covid-19 pandemic, NFL teams have been preparing for two things.

"The number one priority is safety," said Chargers GM Tom Telesco. "The second priority is winning a championship. Luckily those go hand-in-hand."

Last week, Telesco met with the media, and he said that in all of his years in the NFL, this would be the toughest season.

"We have two opponents, really," Telesco said. "We've got to fight this virus, and then whoever our opponent is on Sunday."

Something Lynn reiterated on Wednesday.

Yes, the games matter and wins do too, but the Chargers have always been about player's safety. Since March, the media has spoken to Telesco and Lynn numerous times. When asked, both have always said that they will do whatever is best for the players.

"Every day has been different; it's chaos,” explained Lynn. “We're going to have to welcome chaos this year because if you can't adapt and change, you're going to struggle. I don't think there's any team in the league that's more ready to do that than this team right here. That's something that we're going to have to welcome and we're going to have to think about a lot and continue to reemphasize with our players (about) the protocols and just how different this year is going to be. The goal has not changed. The objective has not changed.”

What is the team’s goal besides keeping players and coaches safe? Winning the Super Bowl.

The team will begin with strength and conditioning for the next two weeks. Chargers brass is enforcing all players and staff to wear masks during the conditioning period. All of the weight equipment is positioned six feet away from each other.

"Everyone that's coming into here is coming from different areas of the country where there are different restrictions; all different levels of physical fitness," Telesco said. "So, we need to gently ramp these players (up). That's what (head strength and conditioning coach) John Lott started (Monday), and we'll continue to do that."

During week three, the players will hit the field where they will not be required to wear a mask because they will have their helmets on.

Over 40 players in the NFL have decided to opt-out of the 2020 season due to the pandemic. So far, no Chargers players have opted out. As of right now, they should have a full squad heading into the beginning of the new season.

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This is going to be a great season! Go Bolts!


Glad to see a full Charger squad!


If covid can’t stop the team, hopefully no one else can either! Bolt up!

Jason Smith
Jason Smith

Can’t Wait to see my bolts in action!!⚡️⚡️