Six Chargers Make the NFL's Top 100 List

Jared Martin

The Chargers having six on the NFL's Top 100 list is a great showing. The list is comprised of votes by players. So, it has the endorsement of guys who have to line up against the ones in the top 100. Even more impressive is that all of the Charger's six players on the list are within the top 60 - Joey Bosa is the lowest ranked Charger at 56. Here is the full list of top 100 Chargers along with their rank:

  • Philip Rivers (17th)
  • Derwin James (31st)
  • Melvin Gordon (34th)
  • Keenan Allen (38th)
  • Melvin Ingram (48th)
  • Joey Bosa (56th)

With the exception of, perhaps, Melvin Gordon all of these guys are poised to make a repeat on the list in 2020 for the Chargers - some such as James, Allen, and Bosa should appear higher on the list than they did this year.

Derwin James made it after his rookie season and probably hasn't earned the clout amongst his peers that would be necessary to be higher. When James' spot on the list was announced, I mentioned that I felt like it was low. Give him another year of similar production and he should be able to cut his placement in half - ending up somewhere in the top 15. So far, Eddie Jackson is the only safety higher than James.

Keenan Allen is up for a big year - especially with Melvin Gordon holding out into the season. Allen is the best route-runner in the NFL and would be a perfect guy to take over some of the early down work that will be given up by Melvin Gordon. So, don't be surprised to see Keenan Allen higher on this list in 2020.

Joey Bosa is an easy one. Admittedly, he probably didn't deserve a place on this list after only playing in seven games. He did tally 5.5 sacks in those seven games. So, that's impressive, but it was only seven games. There's no question that a healthy Bosa belongs, and belongs much...much higher and, he's healthy now.

Sticking with the theme of looking ahead to 2020, I project seven Chargers on next year's list. All of the players from this year (minus Melvin Gordon), and add Desmond King and Mike Williams.

Desmond King was a bit of a snub this year. Pro Football Focus had him ranked as the 44th best player in the game today. Give him one more year and the respect from his peers should better align with the analytics.

Mike Williams is now the number two receiving option for the Chargers, and probably the number one red-zone option. He's one of the best in the game at 50/50 balls, and should haul in a number of touchdowns as a result. Touchdowns jump off of stat sheets and go a long way in causing a player to earn a spot on lists such as this.

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Tommy Jaggi
Tommy Jaggi

Bosa > Gordon/Allen/Ingram, IMO.


I like these predictions for sure.