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Andy Reid Praises Chiefs’ Playmakers on Last Drive: ‘Vintage Patrick, Kelce, Tyreek'

The Chiefs' best players stepped up late in Sunday's game, drawing praise from their head coach.

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Green Bay Packers by a final score of 13-7 on Sunday, making this the first time in the 2021 campaign in which the Chiefs have a two-game winning streak. Spectacular defensive and special teams performances propelled the team to victory, but it was the offense that iced the game.

On the Chiefs' final drive, the trio of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, tight end Travis Kelce and wide receiver Tyreek Hill came up huge. Up until that point, none of the three had done a ton to stand out. Mahomes finished the game completing 20 of his 37 pass attempts for 166 yards and a touchdown, Kelce hauled in five passes for 68 yards and a touchdown, and Hill had just 37 receiving yards. What they did in the game's last four minutes, though, reminded many of the Chiefs of old — or at least the Chiefs of earlier this season. 

On a second-down pass with 11 yards to go, Mahomes found Kelce for a 22-yard gain. Kelce, who has struggled in recent weeks, found a soft spot in the Packers' coverage and made them pay. Several plays later, the Chiefs faced a third-down situation and needed 10 yards. The play broke down and, like he's done so many times in the past, Mahomes rolled out towards the right sideline and somehow found Hill for a gain of 13. That sealed the deal for the Chiefs' victory, and head coach Andy Reid said the last possession reminded him of the best of each player. 

"I just thought our last drive was kind of vintage Patrick [Mahomes], [Travis] Kelce, Tyreek [Hill]," Reid said. "17, Mecole [Hardman] had a nice play and then the rest of that time in the second half, we were kind of shooting ourselves in the foot with penalties. Not the turnovers, but the penalties. That, we can work on. You can't work on the win if it's a loss."

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Reid was honest about the areas where the Chiefs need to keep improving. Although they avoided turning the football over at all, they committed six penalties for 33 yards. Reid's bunch has played extremely sloppy football this season, and it makes things a lot more difficult for the players as time elapses in-game. Sunday was another one of those situations in which the Chiefs failed to execute efficiently without making mistakes but in the end, star talent overcame it.

Only time will tell if the mini-breakthrough for Mahomes, Kelce and Hill will snowball into something bigger. Mahomes let out a great deal of emotion after his game-clinching completion to Hill, likely the byproduct of being stifled for the majority of the contest. The Chiefs' offense has a lot of room to go but if its three best players are each making things happen, the path to improvement may be shorter than many think. 

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