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Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens Predictions

The Arrowhead Report Roundtable is here to give its score predictions for the Kansas City Chiefs' Monday Night Football showdown with the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium.

The third Arrowhead Report Roundtable is here to give its score predictions for the Kansas City Chiefs' Monday Night Football showdown with the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium.

Joshua Brisco: I'm conflicted. The Ravens have looked better to start 2020, the Chiefs have looked better when these two teams have faced off in the past, and some of the Ravens' offensive strengths match up well with some of the Chiefs' defensive issues. If Charvarius Ward is active, I think the Chiefs' defense does just enough to keep it tight while the offense hits its stride. I'm picking the team with Patrick Mahomes.

Prediction: Chiefs 31, Ravens 28

Tucker Franklin: This is the game we've been waiting for since the schedule came out. The two best teams in the league going head-to-head in primetime in a game that very well might have playoff implications on the line. As I've dove into the matchup, these two teams are very close and the only thing that would surprise me would be a blowout in either team's favor.

Now, it wouldn't be an entry from Tucker Franklin without a plug for the Roughing the Kicker podcast. I preview the matchup further in-depth on today's episode with Raven Country's Todd Karpovich. I've also given my three keys to success for the Chiefs earlier today as well so if you're feeling a thirst for further knowledge, go check those out.

Prediction: Ravens 41, Chiefs 38.

Jordan Foote: I expect the Chiefs’ offense to be a LOT more effective than it was in the first three quarters against the Los Angeles Chargers last week. Baltimore’s defense is scary, but Patrick Mahomes and company have been up for the challenge in the past. This may finally be the game in which Clyde Edwards-Helaire breaks out and catches a ton of passes out of the backfield. Stopping Lamar Jackson is easier said than done, but stopping Mahomes is virtually impossible.

Prediction: Chiefs 34, Ravens 28.

Conner Christopherson: It is obvious that the Chiefs are still gelling as a squad. The offense has not been as explosive so far in 2020 as many Chiefs fans would like and the defensive performance so far has been uninspiring. The Ravens, on the other hand, seemed to have picked up where they left off last year in the regular season and have looked excellent. However, there will be holes on the Ravens' squad for the Chiefs to attack, namely their interior o-line and lack of pass rush on defense. The Chiefs will have to attack these holes early and often because the Chiefs' linebacking corps is the weakest link in this game, so weak that it will probably be the Chiefs' downfall. The game will be close, but the Ravens have a slight edge right now. 

Prediction: Ravens 31, Chiefs 28.

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Sam Hays: I believe the Kansas City Chiefs are the best team in the NFL. However, I believe the Baltimore Ravens are the second-best team in the NFL, and their current form seems to just be better. Unless Willie Gay plays and looks as good as he could look, Lamar Jackson should have a field day in open space against the Chiefs' linebackers. Patrick Mahomes will also have a tough matchup against a great Ravens cornerback duo consisting of Marcus Peters and Marlon Humphrey, especially with Sammy Watkins suffering from that hit he took last week. I think Mahomes will still play pretty well, but I think the Ravens will take this one. 

Prediction: Ravens 34, Chiefs 31.

Mark Van Sickle: This could be an instant classic Monday Night Football game. The Chiefs and Ravens are very evenly matched and are the top contenders to represent the AFC in Super Bowl LV. I keep hedging on this game, going back and forth. When the schedule originally came out I marked it as a Ravens win. When I found out there wouldn’t be fans allowed in the stadium, it becomes a neutral game, so I figured the Chiefs would pull it out. Through two weeks of watching the Chiefs and Ravens, it seems like the Ravens being favored is the correct call. But my heart can’t pick against Patrick Mahomes and Harrison Butker in their quest for an undefeated season just yet. Butker will make another late field goal to lift the Chiefs to a 3-0 start!

Prediction: Chiefs 31, Ravens 30.

Taylor Witt: The Chiefs, owners of an 11-game winning streak, and the Ravens, winners of 14 of their last 15 games, are the two hottest teams in football. As such, it seems silly to predict either of these two teams to walk away from this game with a loss. The game taking place in Baltimore would normally weigh heavier on my mind, but the lack of fans negates much of an advantage there. MVP quarterback? Split. Great head coach? Andy Reid gets the nod over John Harbaugh, but not by much. Kicking game up to the task? Yes, they have the two best kickers in the NFL. Recent matchup success? The Chiefs are 2-0 vs the Ravens since Lamar Jackson took over as QB. Does one team have Patrick Mahomes? Yes, it's the Chiefs. I guess there's your tiebreaker.

Prediction: Chiefs 42, Ravens 41.

Joe Andrews: The Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Baltimore Ravens is a scary matchup. It has been since Lamar Jackson took over for Joe Flacco. With that being said, this game should be no different than the previous matchups as both offenses duel to outdo each other. It’ll likely come down to who has the ball last, as there will be a ton of points scored. Hopefully, that’s Patrick Mahomes and not Jackson.

Prediction: Chiefs 42, Ravens 35.

Jacob Harris: The Chiefs are probably going to lose this game. But I’m a fan, not an analyst.

Prediction: Chiefs 35, Ravens 31.