Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders Predictions

Tucker D. Franklin

The Kansas City Chiefs look to avenge their only loss of the season as they travel to Las Vegas for the first time to take on the Raiders in their new stadium. The Chiefs are looking to avoid the season sweep against Las Vegas for the first time since 2012. 

Joshua Brisco: If the Chiefs don't win this game by double-digits, I'll be legitimately surprised. This isn't like the Jets game where it was clear that the Chiefs were playing an entirely different sport than their opponent — the Raiders are legitimately good — I just can't see a world in which Las Vegas' offense goes bombs-away over the Chiefs' secondary again, and Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes have a silly-but-substantive reason to dip into the "in case of emergency" section of the playbook to put the Raiders back in their place.

Prediction: Chiefs 38, Raiders 27.

Tucker Franklin: Andy Reid off of a bye week is nearly automatic. Andy Reid off of a bye week with bulletin board material could be dangerous for the Raiders. I've been saying for a while that I don't expect this game to be close. Las Vegas is dealing with the absences of some key players due to COVID-19 and I think the Chiefs are going to get more creative with their playbook. It's a recipe for disaster for the Raiders.

For a further in-depth preview of the game, RaiderMaven's Hondo Carpenter joined me on Friday's Roughing the Kicker podcast to break down the matchup. Find it wherever you get your podcasts.

Prediction: Chiefs 49, Raiders 20.

Jordan Foote: Andy Reid has had two weeks to prepare for a team that defeated his Chiefs earlier in the season. The Raiders also just-so-happen to be division rivals and also have provided KC with plenty of bulletin board material in the form of a victory lap around the stadium back in Week 5. I don’t expect this game to be close, and if the Chiefs are to drop 50-plus points in a game this season, this would be the game for them to do so. This is probably dramatic, but...

Prediction: Chiefs 54, Raiders 21.

Conner Christopherson: It's hard to imagine that the Chiefs will lose to a division rival twice in one year. The Chiefs seem locked-in and determined going into this Sunday Night Football bout as the team as a whole seems disappointed they lost to the Raiders in the first matchup. Both teams are dealing with COVID-19 issues, but the Raiders have it worse off with a lot of their defensive starters sitting on the COVID-19 list. Clelin Ferrell is the most notable player on the list as he terrorized the Chiefs in the first matchup, and he's the Raider who tested positive for COVID-19. There are too many things breaking the Chiefs' way to see this game ending up like the first matchup and the Chiefs should cement their lead in the division in a big way under the Vegas lights.

Prediction: Chiefs 41, Raiders 24.

Sam Hays: Patrick Mahomes is not going to allow this team to get swept in a season series by the Raiders. That would be the antithesis of everything we've been blessed to witness in Mahomes' tenure in KC. I believe Carr has a solid day once again, but I think Mahomes takes advantage of a weakened Raiders defense and has a nice four-touchdown day to increase the narrow gap between him and Aaron Rodgers for the 2020 NFL MVP front runner.

Prediction: Chiefs 41, Raiders 24.

Taylor Witt: There is basically nothing in this game that points towards the Raiders being competitive. Mahomes is 4-1 when facing a team that he lost to in his previous matchup, Andy Reid is 18-3 after the bye week, the Chiefs have won 10 of the previous 12 games against the Raiders, and the Chiefs are still an astonishing 29-3 in their last 32 divisional games. Add in a little extra fire this week with the bulletin board material from the Raiders' victory lap from Week 5 and I don't think this one will be pretty for the home team. I expect someone will have their first career touchdown in this game courtesy of an Andy Reid trick play, and the Chiefs will not let up on the scoreboard until the final whistle.

Prediction: Chiefs 51, Raiders 17.

Mark Van Sickle: The Chiefs are coming off a bye week, and that isn’t good news for the Raiders. The Chiefs' only loss of the season thus far came at the hands of the Raiders. That’s also not good news for the Raiders as the Chiefs have revenge on their minds. The Raiders defense has been dealing with COVID issues all week. More bad news for Vegas. Basically, this one could get ugly and the Chiefs aren’t going to lose to the Raiders twice in the same season.

Prediction: Chiefs 45, Raiders 20.

Joe Andrews: With a good part of the Raiders defense having spent time on the COVID list, I’m comfortable with where things are going for the Chiefs. The Raiders may still pressure Patrick Mahomes in some way, but I don’t believe it will be to the extent we saw in Week 5. The Chiefs’ defense, on the other hand, has a better grasp of who it is compared to the beginning of October. With that, the Chiefs cruise.

Prediction: Chiefs 42, Raiders 27.

Jacob Harris: You can’t hear it, but I just asked my HomePod to play a funeral dirge.

Prediction: Chiefs 48, Raiders [COFFIN EMOJI].

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