Patrick Mahomes Takes Responsibility For Slow Start

Tucker D. Franklin

After the Kansas City Chiefs' lackluster performance led to a 23-20 overtime victory over the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, quarterback Patrick Mahomes took responsibility for the team's sluggish start.

In his postgame press conference, Mahomes said he didn't know if it was the most frustrated he's been in his career but it was up there.

"I think I was so frustrated at the beginning of the game because I knew it was just me that was killing the team," Mahomes said. "Guys were getting open, the line was giving me enough time but I wasn't making the throws in the right spots. I take that upon myself. I have to find a way to start better and not put ourselves in a hole like that so it's not so hard at the end of the game."

For only the third time in his young career, Patrick Mahomes completed less than half of his passes in the first half. Mahomes rallied his team in the second half to finish 27-for-47 passing for 302 yards and two touchdowns.

Mahomes said that it meant a lot to be able to come back and win this game.

"Obviously we didn't play the way that we wanted to play but [we] found a way to win," Mahomes said. "I think when you get to the playoffs when you get later in the season and try and make these runs, not every game is going to be a blowout. Not every game is going to be clean the whole entire game. There's going to be difficult situations. There are great football players all around this league. So we've got to find a way to win no matter what adversity hits us or what situation we're in the game."

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