The Chiefs Show How They're a Cut Above Late in Games

When other teams zig, the Kansas City Chiefs zag.

When other teams zig, the Kansas City Chiefs zag.

The Chiefs sealed their 27-24 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with an eight-play, 33-yard drive that killed 4:10 of game time following a touchdown pass from Tom Brady to Mike Evans put the home team within striking distance.

While the eight-play drive won't show up on many highlight reels, the series showed why Kansas City is the best team in football.

When other teams would have kept the ball on the ground to milk time off of the clock, the Chiefs threw the ball when it mattered the most, acknowledging the risk in pursuit of the reward.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes said after the game, the playcalling from head coach Andy Reid showed how much trust he has in the 25-year-old quarterback.

"It's a lot of trust coach puts in me to make the right decision," Mahomes said. "You could see I'm trying to get the ball out of my hands quickly, get it to the guys and let them make plays in space."

Mahomes did just that as after a 1-yard run from Clyde Edwards-Helaire on first down brought about the two-minute warning. On the next play, he quickly found Edwards-Helaire on a short pass to his right for a two-yard gain, keeping the clock moving.

"They have a really good defense, especially against the run," Mahomes said. "They get a lot of penetration up front and I tried to get it to our playmakers in space and let our guys make plays."

While the first passing play might not have got the yardage the pair of Mahomes and Reid would've liked, The risk was something they both thought of down the stretch, but it wasn't something they seemed concerned about.

On the following play, on third-and-7 near midfield, the Chiefs went to the air again when most teams would run. Mahomes scrambled out to his left and moved up toward the line of scrimmage before he found Tyreek Hill for an eight-yard gain and a first down.

The Chiefs' aggressive playcalling late in games has helped their lack of closure in close games when they have a lead. This season, the issue has almost been nonexistent.

Mahomes put up another MVP-like game as the front-runner for the award completed 37 of 49 passes for 462 passing yards and three touchdowns.