Chiefs Defense Gameplans to Limit Big Plays in Round 2 With Raiders

Joe Andrews

When Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Ben Niemann looks back on the team's Week 5 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, he thinks of one thing — giving up big plays.

The Chiefs’ defense allowed the Raiders seven explosive gains in the game, four of over 40 yards. Quarterback Derek Carr was the main cog in the Raiders' big-play machine. The 29-year-old quarterback threw for 347 yards and three touchdowns while averaging 11.2 yards per play on Oct. 11.

On Friday, Niemann told reporters the deep ball was the difference in the game and is something the Chiefs have focussed on preventing ahead of Sunday’s rematch.

We’ve got to limit the big plays," Niemann said. "That's definitely a focus for us and that’s kind of one of the cornerstones of our defense, limit those big plays. We've reviewed the film, try to correct it. It just comes down to execution. Everybody doing their jobs, being in the right fit up front and being in the right coverage on the back end. We're looking to make strides from game one to game two against them.”

Carr’s 347 yards is the largest passing yard total accrued against the Chiefs this season. The Raiders signal-caller has surpassed a 300 passing yard total once since his game in Kansas City.

Niemann and the Chefs will also have to worry about running backs Josh Jacobs and Devontae Booker as well. The pair combined for 139 rushing yards on 30 carries with Booker averaging 8.9 yards per carry and Jacobs averaging 3.3.

The Raiders’ rushing attack has steadily progressed in the last two games. Jacobs collected 112 rushing yards and two touchdowns against the Denver Broncos last week.

As the Chiefs wrap up their final game planning, Niemann said the plan boils down to understanding the confusion the Raiders could bring.

“In the first 15, they’re going to come out and probably give us a lot of shifts, motions, all of that stuff," Niemann said. "Just being able to line up properly, communicate, and execute. They have a physical run game, so we have to be physical up front, stop the run and come out fast. That's our mindset.”

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