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'You Expect Consequences' — Chris Jones, Mitchell Schwartz Express Disappointment in Breonna Taylor Case

Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones and tackle Mitchell Schwartz talked with media about their disappointment in the new developments in the Breonna Taylor case and emphasized the need for voter turnout.

While the Kansas City Chiefs were preparing for their Monday Night Football clash against the Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday, a grand jury indicted a former Louisville police officer for “wanton endangerment” for his actions during a botched raid that resulted in the killing of Breonna Taylor.

No charges were announced against the other two officers who fired shots, and no one was charged for causing Taylor’s death.

Kansas City Chiefs players spoke to media members on Wednesday and two discussed the latest developments in the high-profile case.

Defensive tackle Chris Jones said he is keeping Taylor’s family in his prayers and emphasized the need for voter turnout in the November elections.

"I’m praying for her family and her loved ones out there," Jones said. "It’s tough. When you look at things like that, you expect consequences. From a different aspect of it, that’s why we harp and are preaching on voting. Your vote matters and your vote counts. Not only on the overall election, but on the legislative elections as well. You need to partake in those. It starts with us as individuals to make that change and make sure not only you go to vote, but you bring somebody else with you because that’s how these things change. Just prayers to her family.”

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Since the jury indicted the former officer, angry demonstrators took to the streets to protest the ruling. Louisville’s mayor has extended a nightly curfew through the weekend.

Jones wasn’t the only member of the Chiefs that spoke on the issue Thursday. Tackle Mitchell Schwartz discussed the Black Lives Matter movement as a whole and further expanded on the need for voter registration and turnout.

“Black Lives Matter is probably the most important thing going on in our society right now,” Schwartz said. “That ties into the election like you were talking about, in terms of voting. Pat [Mahomes] and Tyrann [Mathieu] have done an awesome job of that. Tyrann’s whole thing is trying to take the stigma out of it, make it cool, make people look forward to doing it.”

Arrowhead Stadium will officially be a polling place for Jackson County voters in the 2020 general election on November 3.

Chiefs team president Mark Donovan and other players such as Mahomes and Mathieu have made the push for more voter interaction.

“I think in situations like [Wednesday] night, you’re realizing how much power that we need to have as citizens and how we utilize that,” Schwartz said. “For the most part, it’s voting and putting in people that you want in the leader spots to make sure society is running as it should be. I think a lot of people are realizing that now, and I’m hopeful for as big a turnout as we can get on November 3.”