Matt Derrick

Is Jalen Ramsey worth the risk for the Chiefs? There are many reasons why that answer may be yes, but there are also hurdles to address.

The two biggest questions come with draft compensation and a new deal for Ramsey. The cornerback's desire to escape Jacksonville isn't entirely due to the Jaguar's competitiveness and frustration with game plans. He wants to be paid. If the Jaguars hold firm to wanting two first-round picks, that's a lot to give up for the chance to hand out a five-year deal worth more than $15 million per year.

Much is also made about the chemistry of the locker room, and adding Ramsey would certainly be counter to a lot of the moves GM Brett Veach has made the past two seasons about changing the club's atmosphere. Ramsey is undoubtedly a game-changing talent, however, so that concern may be overblown.

But there is one locker room issue that must address, namely how Chris Jones feels if the Chiefs bring in another outsiders and award them a long-term contract while not getting one done with him. Jones has by all accounts been a model teammate throughout his campaign for a new deal, and the Chiefs were impressed he reported to camp on time. But no one would blame Jones if throwing out another mega-contract extension to someone else soured the relationship beyond repair.


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