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Chiefs vs. Cowboys: The Battle For the Preston Road Trophy

The Chiefs and Cowboys have a unique tradition surrounding the series that few people knew about before this past week. Both teams will lay it all on the line Sunday.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys will battle for the Preston Road Trophy on Sunday afternoon when the two teams play at Arrowhead Stadium. This is the first meeting between the teams since 2017, and the trophy has resided in Dallas over the past four years.

What is the Preston Road Trophy, you might ask? Earlier this week on his weekly chat with 105.3 The Fan, the radio home of the Dallas Cowboys, Jones brought up Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt, the history of the teams and how the trophy came to be.

“Lamar Hunt is one of the founders of football,” Jones said. “I admire him so much and Clark (Hunt) and his family have just incorporated and advanced what Lamar was about as far as the sport is concerned.”

Jones added some context about the trophy’s origins.

“Lamar made the Preston Road Trophy," Jones said. "I live on Preston Road and Lamar lived about 200 yards from me. He had it built, it looks like a birdhouse. He had it all fixed up maybe 25, 26 years ago and he presented me with the Preston Road Trophy.”

“It was really something and he presented it to me over a meeting at SMU that he was having... and sure enough, they did win the first game we played," Jones continued. "We don’t play often and they won it.”

Jones said he wanted to show his friends the trophy and added that Lamar wouldn’t let him take possession of it.

“He said 'we’ll let you drive by with your friends and I’ll put it in the window for you to look at…' Later on when I had it, he wanted to show his friends the trophy," Jones said. "I would let him have it. I made his wife come and get it and sign a receipt for it and be sure to have it back in a day”

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On Thursday, Clark Hunt had a response to Jones and the trophy.

“I ran into Jerry about a month ago and I reminded him that he needed to bring the trophy," Hunt said. "We’ll see if he follows through, but we plan on getting it back for sure.”

The teams have played eight times since the trophy was introduced, with the Cowboys holding a 5-3 series lead in that span. The latest game between the two may be best known within Chiefs Kingdom for quarterback Alex Smith’s “Hill Mary” - a play where Smith checked down to Tyreek Hill on the final play of the first half instead of attempting a 65-yard Hail Mary. Hill scored a touchdown on the memorable play, but the Chiefs ended up losing the game.

This game should look a little bit different on Sunday. Although Dak Prescott was in his second year as the starting quarterback for the Cowboys in 2017, Patrick Mahomes had not yet made his debut. Dez Bryant was still the Cowboys' go-to wide receiver. There’s been a lot of turnover on both sides of the ball between the two teams since then.

Both the Chiefs and Cowboys are coming off huge wins. The Cowboys defeated the Atlanta Falcons 41-3, their largest margin of victory over an opponent in 21 years. The Chiefs handed the Las Vegas Raiders a huge loss, winning the match up 41-14. Mahomes threw for over 400 yards while throwing five touchdowns and zero interceptions.

This game has the potential to have a lot of fireworks. However, while both offenses have a lot of firepower, the Cowboys' defense has generally played well throughout the entire season and the Chiefs' defense has played very well over the past three weeks. Something’s got to give in this one.

For the Chiefs, a win going into the bye week would be huge. That would send the team into the final quarter of the season on a four-game winning streak, including three wins in a row over then first-place teams. Coming back from the bye, they will have two games at home against divisional foes — the Denver Broncos and their second meeting with the Raiders.

If Mahomes and the offense can continue their dominance, including not turning the ball over, the Chiefs should be in a good spot to keep the Preston Road Trophy in its rightful spot - the home Lamar Hunt built in Kansas City.

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