Patrick Mahomes Stresses Preparation Ahead of Rematch with Raiders

Joe Andrews

Patrick Mahomes has never lost to the same AFC West opponent twice in his three seasons as the Kansas City Chiefs’ starting quarterback.

In fact, he’s only dropped two contests to divisional opponents — both arriving by one possession. The most recent loss occurred on October 10 when the Chiefs fell to the Las Vegas Raiders, 40-32.

On Sunday, Kansas City will have the chance to get back at the Raiders in primetime. Mahomes told reporters there is plenty to learn from in their last meeting during a press conference on Wednesday.

“I think just the loss in general showed that we’re not going to show up to the field and just win every single football game,” Mahomes said. “We're going to have to have the mindset that we have to come with our best effort every single week. I feel like we’ve built on that in the following weeks after that. Luckily enough, we get another chance. Hopefully, we come with the energy enough to beat a really good football team.”

Mahomes had his lowest single-game completion percentage of the season, 51.2%, and threw his only interception of the season in the loss to the Raiders.

In terms of preparation for the second meeting, Mahomes said there isn’t much he’s doing differently. He added there are some tendencies from the Raiders he can carry from the first game into the second one, but also mentioned there’s much more for him to gain a grasp of.

“I think they do a good job with their defensive coordinator of throwing a lot of different stuff out there, a lot of different coverages, a lot of different blitzes,” Mahomes said. “For me, trying to build a memory bank of stuff they’ve done to me in the past and at the same time, be ready for stuff they could present to me during the games this year.”

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid holds an 18-3 post-bye week record in the regular season, with the last three wins coincidentally coming against the Raiders. Mahomes said the stakes are important to note, but it’s just another game for the Chiefs.

“If you’re not ready to go in this game, playing a divisional opponent, playing against a good football team where you know it’s going to mean a lot going towards the AFC West standings, then you’re not in the right sport,” Mahomes said. “For me, it’s just as important as any other game in the division, no matter if they took a victory lap or not.”

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